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Republican competition “Yenbek zholy” started in Kazakhstan

“Yenbek zholy”

Expecting the celebration of A Labor Day and conducting the Republican forum “To the All-Labor Society” the RK’s Ministry of Health and Social Development declared the republican competition “Yenbek Zholy” aimed to determine the best labor dynasties and manufacturing workers.

The main idea of the competition is to upbring the following generation in a spirit of labor respect, save andincrease labor traditions, form positive social attitude to working people and create the conditions for forming new labor dynasties in organizations and concerns.

The aforesaid competition will contribute to increasing of a worker’s social role and status and stimulating of labor capacity at the Leader’s “All Labor Society” idea.

Конкурс включает в себя три номинации:

The competition consists ofthree nominations:

- “The best labor-dynasty” – this will show dynasties with the most enduring length of service, having the largest amount of rewards;

- in “The best young manufacture worker” nomination will  take place the most active and hard-working young people, with no more than 5 years length of service;

-  In “The best working-youth tutor”, nomination will take place the highest effective tutor with at least 20 years of service.

The competition is to be held on regional and republican levels. At present, local executives receive requests from regional-level competitors.

An official awarding ceremony of republican level champions is planned on the “To All-Labor Society” forum day in September of a current year in Astana.

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