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Over 170 thousands of medicine workers have undergone professional development and retraining on the base of KazMUPE for the years of independence


Since 1991 till 2015 in Kazakhstan Medical University of Permanent Education (further on –KazMUPE) of MSHD of RK over 170 779 doctors, pharmacists, average medical stuff, healthcare managers, sanitary and epidemiologic service specialists have undergone the courses of enhancing and retraining.

The activity of KazMUPE in the sphere of postgraduate education is carried out on 38 departments. Inthelast 10 years,the amount of specializations has been tripled. Three specializations now havetheirmagistracy, and 27 – residency.In 7 years passed from the moment of its opening the university as prepared 159 undergraduates and 919 residents. At the development of the clinical direction in KazMUPE works, the Centre of Clinical skills equipped with hi-tech virtual simulators and dummies for enhancing of medical workers’ practical skills.

KazMUPEhas 70 clinical bases in treatment and preventing organizations in Almaty, where the specialistsof the university consult and maintain treating and diagnostic assistance. During the past 25 years over 340 thousand patients have been treated, over 900 thousand consulted and on over 130 thousand operated.A number of departments in KazMUPE provides highly specialized medical care. Thus, in 2015 suchcaregot 897 patients.Itshouldbepointedout, that Kazakhstan Medical University of Permanent Educationis thee ducational center forpostgraduateeducation of specialists forpractical healthcare.

For educational and clinical departments of KazMUPE works highly qualificated stuff – among them 63% have academic degrees of candidates and doctors of science.Furthermore, there are 3 winners of the State award of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 honored workers of science in the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 deserved doctors of RK, 12 members of industry academies of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The university cooperates with the medical organizations, Higher education institutions, the research and scientific and practical centers of Finland, Germany, the USA, Sweden, South Korea, Scotland, Austria and the CIS countries that has allowed to introduce advanced technologies in educational, scientific and medical processes.

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