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Ataction «Densaulik zholy – 2016» portable medical vehicles go to back-country districts in 5 regions more

«Densaulik zholy – 2016»

Atrepublicanaction «Densaulik zholy – 2016» portable medical complexes (further on – PMC) will move to backcountry districts of East-Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Atyrau, Pavlodar and Mangistau regions from August 22 till August 31.

During this period PMCs are to visit the following ambulance stations: «Karateren», «Amanotkel» of Aral, «Makpalkol», «Akaryk» of Zhalagash, «Shagan», «Akzharma»  of Syrdaria, «Sunakata» of Zhanakorgan, «Yenbekshi», «Kosiyenki», «Zhideli aryk» of Shielin districts of Kyzylorda region.Stuff of PMCs will be formed with specialists of therapeutic, cardiological, endocrinology, oncological services and regional centre of orthobiosis. From August 22 until August 26 the villagers of Zhelezinskiy, Mayskiy districts of Pavlodar region have the ability to pass free of charge physical examination, consult an oculist, ophthalmologist, therapist, gynecologist, cardiologist, and pediatrician, and take analysis.

Atthesametime,villagersofKuryk (Karakiyandistrict, Mangistau region) will also have the ability to pass free screening examination and consult to oculist, ophthalmologist, therapist, lung specialist and pediatrist.

The visit of medical team with cardiologist, phthisiologist, GP and clinical lab specialists to the Esbol village (Inder district, Atyrau region) is planned on August 25.

AlsoduringthisdayPMCsaretovisitTassayvillagein Kokpekty district, Solnechny township in Glubokovski district of East-Kazakhstan region.

It should be noted that a large-scale action «Densaulik zholy – 2016» takes place throughout the Republic from July 1 until August 31 of a current year. It has its aim to lend informational, educational and practical assistance to villagers in forming their healthy way of leaving and preventing various illnesses.

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