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During the years of Independence the case rate of tetanus has decreased by 7,5 times


Due to the wide range vaccination among the population there has been no registered case rate of tetanus among children up to 14 during the past 25 years. At the same time the incidence indicator among adult population has decreased by 7,5 times – from 15 cases by 100 thousand population in 1991 to 2 cases in 2015.

Tetanus – a zoologically - anthrophonic acute infectious disease with the contact mechanism of transfer of the originator (the Gram-positive rod living in oxygen-free medium), is characterized by a lesion of certain structures of the central nervous system, shown by a tonic strain of a skeletal musculation and cramps.

Humans are very sensitive to tetanus toxin, and have no natural immunity to it. Most often tetanus develops after slight home accidents concerning which patients did not ask for medical help, quite often damages to area of foot are the reason of infection.

The incubatory period lasts from 4 to 14 days, in certain cases 30 and more days. There is a dependence of gravity of a clinical current on incubation interval duration: the shorter it is, the more serious disease is and the probability of death is higher.

The main method of prevention of tetanus is vaccination. According to the National calendar of inoculations bacterination is carried out on children from 2 months with triple APDT (absorbed- pertussis-diphtheria-tetanic), the first vaccination is carried out in 18 months, further – in 6 years with the subsequent revaccinations every 10 years.

People who have gone through traumas, wounds with violation of integrity of integuments and mucous membranes have to be inoculated in planned order.

To those who are not vaccinated tetanus may end in a painful death.

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