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Kazakhstan has launched the campaign "Attention, traffic light!"

Attention, traffic light!

Today, Kazakhstan has launched an annual campaign on the prevention of road traffic injuries under the motto "Attention, traffic light!", organized by the National center of problems with forming healthy lifestyle MHSD to reduce child injuries and deaths on the roads.

In the framework of the campaign, the events like round tables, debates, press conferences, events with the participation of all stakeholders, trainings, etc. will be held in all the regions of the country, aimed at increasing the level of knowledge about traffic rules, about the principles of the first aid and premedicalassistance, and on the formation of self-preservation behavior.

According to the Scientific research of the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics health Ministry of Kazakhstan, annually about 3 thousand people are killed in the country due to road traffic accidents (hereinafter – RTA) , about 25 thousand injuries of varying severity, on the average 1 thousand become disabled. The death rate due to traffic accidents is 20% of all deaths from external causes, 76,5% of which die at the scene or during transport. In 2015 the mortality rate from injuries obtained as a consequence of the road accidents fell by 19%, disability by 20%.

To provide timely medical care to the victims of accidents on the roads of the Republican values, created In-route medical rescue points.

To prevent the process of disability and mortality Kazakhstan introduces the integrated model of medical care for injuries to provide comprehensive services for the prevention, treatment, dispensary observation, rehabilitation and social support of the population.

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