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In 2016, Kazakhstan's air medical service completed more than 1.4 thousand flights

air medical service

In 8 months of that year brigades of the Republican Center of air ambulance of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health and Social Development performed 1408 flights, delivered 1740 medical services, including 1365 patient transportations, 289 consultations and 86 operations. In addition, 9 donor organs were transported.

70% of the transported patients were hospitalized in the regional and municipal medical organizations, 30% - in the republican centers in Astana and Almaty.

During this period 7 flights were implemented for the transportations of citizens of Kazakhstan, who were receiving medical treatment in foreign clinics, to medical organizations in Astana and Almaty for further treatment (from Busan (South Korea), Tsveybryuken (Germany), Antalya (Turkey), Izmir (Turkey), Prague (Czech Republic), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Moscow (Russia).

Mobile teams of air ambulance delivered medical care to patients on such nosology, as the pediatric pathology, trauma, accidents and poisoning, obstetric and gynecological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of newborns and other diseases.

Moreover, in 8 months of that year mobile teams of air ambulance delivered medical care to 425 patients with various injuries, including 180 victims of the MVA (motor vehicle accident).

Over the years of the Republican Center of air ambulance’s functioning, due to timely providing emergency medical treatment, specialized and highly specialized medical care, transference of specialists in remote areas of the country, transporting patients and organs for subsequent transplantation, thousands of lives were saved.

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