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The fight against tuberculosis were discussed in Almaty


Today, the International Conference (hereinafter - Conference) has started in Almaty on integrated tuberculosis control with the participation of the Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova.

The event was attended by representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan MHSD, National Center for Tuberculosis Control in Central Asia, China, Belarus, Russia, USA, Ukraine, South Korea, the World Health Organization (hereinafter - WHO), USAID, the Global Fund to Fight HIV / AIDS , tuberculosis and malaria, an international organization Project HOPE, the Center for control and prevention of diseases, Rutgers University and other international non-governmental organizations.

Opening the Conference, Tamara Duysenova told the forum participants about the measures taken in Kazakhstan to fight tuberculosis.                                                         

“Over the last decade, improvement of the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis in Kazakhstan is achieved thanks to the political support of the Head of State, the National Tuberculosis Control Programme, as well as well-coordinated inter-agency and cross-sectoral interaction.

To further improve the quality of TB care to the population of the developed model of integrated TB control that includes all the priority aspects of the fight against this disease.

Adhering to the policy of the World Health Organization and the International Union Against Tuberculosis in activities to combat tuberculosis Kazakhstan integrated into the primary health care network (hereinafter - PHC). The state allocates the necessary funds for the treatment of patients with tuberculosis. Infection control measures were strengthened. Continued introduction of innovative rapid diagnostic methods for this disease”, – informed Tamara Duysenova.

Within two days, the Conference will discuss the issues of implementation of the WHO strategy «EndTB» on 2016-2035 years in the countries of the Central Asian region, namely improving access to the accelerated methods of diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in PHC organizations, increased joint responsibility of patients and physicians.

Today Tamara Duysenova will visit the National Center for Tuberculosis Problems MHSD of Kazakhstan, where she will hold a conference with heads of health departments and TB dispensaries of regions and Astana and Almaty cities.

We will remind, tuberculosis remains a serious public health problem, especially in the Euro-Asian countries. According to the latest WHO estimates, the world's cases of tuberculosis each year about 8.5 million people, including more than 500 thousand cases of multidrug-resistant, 1.3 million people die from this disease.

Thanks to high-quality implementation of a set of TB control activities in the last 10 years the incidence of tuberculosis in Kazakhstan decreased by 2.2 times, the mortality rate - 5 times.

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