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"SK-pharmacy" held a second tender for the procurement of drugs at lower prices - www.inform.kz August 19, 2016

LLP "SK-pharmacy" held a second tender for the procurement of medicines and medical products at lower prices.

Today the competition Commission is the sole distributor of LLP "SK-pharmacy" held the second stage of the tender for purchase of medicines and medical devices in 2017 according to the principle of auction on price fall.

535 announced at the competition lots of 73.2 billion tenge applied 45 potential supplier. Of this amount, the second phase allowed 42. This was told Serikbol Musinov, managing Director of LLP "SK-pharmacy", Chairman of the tender Committee.

As informed in the "SK-pharmacy" for the first time in 2016 tender procedure, the company conducts earlier than in years past. This is to ensure that suppliers who win these tenders and will supply medicines in 2017, with October to November, as it should, to prepare. And from November to December to deliver to the warehouses of medicines, so that from 1 January next the uninterrupted supplying them to hospitals in the country within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

According to SK-pharmacy, to ensure maximum transparency of the competition for the first time since last year, all of the tender the company holds in online. And anyone can observe the process of competition for procurement.

As recalled before the start of the tender to potential suppliers Serikbol Musinov, "we also seek potential suppliers of medicines and medical products only in accordance with applicable law."

He briefed the participants of the contest with the law.

"The basis of the procurement procedures sole distributor lay down rules of good practice procurement of medicines by the who.  The first selection criterion is quality, then price," - said the Chairman of the tender Commission.

By the way, requirements to potential suppliers of medicines and medical devices are in accordance with the decree of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1729 of 30 October 2009, which involved a procurement using the two-stage tender procedures. So, the first step is to check the compliance of the tender with the requirements of the current legislation, and at the second - lowest price is determined according to the auction on the slide.

According to the results of the tender for hospitals and outpatient organizations in the country, which provide free medical services to the population, will be procured drugs and medical products of the first necessity, as well as vaccines, medications for treatment of such socially significant diseases as viral hepatitis, Oncology, diabetes, tuberculosis, and blood diseases.

22 August 2016 at the online resource of LLP "SK-pharmacy" www.sk-pharmacy.kz the information will be published on the winners of the tender with using two-stage procedures.

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