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T. Duysenova gave explanations on the current issues of population associated with the introduction of health insurance


The seminar on introduction of mandatory social health insurance (hereinafter - OSMS) for members of the regional headquarters in Aktobe, Almaty and Atyrau regions, which was held yesterday in the teleconference, the Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova gave explanations on several issues of concern for people, employers and health professionals.

Regions questions were raised about whether the medical insurance to cover the expenses of patients to drugs, what is the procedure for payment of contributions to the medical insurance Fund for non self-employed and working pensioners, will there be a package of medical services within the OSMS for repatriates, what to expect rural health care and how it can work in the new system of departmental institutions.

In particular, the question members of the regional headquarters in Almaty region on the provision of medicines in conditions OSMS, Tamara Duisenova said that with the introduction of OSMS drug supply on the outpatient level will be at the expense of the medical insurance Fund. However, she clarified that some of the diseases discusses the expansion and enhancement of medications.

Turning to the question of the fate of rural medicine, head of the health Ministry of Kazakhstan explained that the plan to consolidate the district medical organizations into one legal entity that will contract with health insurance Fund. The document will stipulate all the conditions of rendering services to the population, including the evaluation criteria of service quality.

During the dialogue with the audience Tamara Duissenova emphasized that the state retains all of today's funding for the provision of medical services within the guaranteed volume of free medical care, which includes ambulance and emergency support, provision of medical care in socially significant diseases and vaccination for the 17 million people of Kazakhstan. In addition, the conditions for the functioning of health insurance the state will assume the obligation to pay contributions to the Fund of health insurance for 10.1 million of citizens belonging to socially vulnerable categories.

The Minister gave exhaustive explanations on one of the most common questions about participation in the system OSMS unproductive self-employed.

So, she said, for non self-employed by 2020, the state provides a full package of medical care except for a scheduled hospitalization. During this time, people in this category of the population, it is necessary to choose one of three options of participation in the system OSMS: the first registration as unemployed; the second register as an individual entrepreneur and implementation of deductions from the declared income or in case of his absence - of the minimum wage; the third through second-tier banks to contribute as an individual in the amount of 2% of the minimum wage.

With minimal amounts of deductions in Fund of insurance a person can obtain costly medolago, for example, heart surgery at a cost of 1 million tenge.

As previously reported, on 19 September this year Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova has held a seminar for members of the regional headquarters of the Western Kazakhstan region. September 21 - representatives of the headquarters of the East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda, and Mangystau oblasts, September 22 - Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan, Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions.

Upon completion of training, starting October 1, members of the regional headquarters will start explanatory work among the population. It is expected that they will hold meetings with employers, labor collectives of enterprises and organizations, public sector workers, representatives of NGOs and trade Union organizations, residents of rural settlements.

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