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Mazhit Shaydarov: My desire to help people has not dried up - from 31 August 2016

Today in the pages of "Bulletin of the Deputy" we talk to the Mazhit  Shaydarov. Mazhit Zeynullovich is a member of the capitals maslihat from electoral district №4. He holds the position of Chairman of the Board - rector of JSC "Astana Medical University". In an interview to our newspaper, the MP said, that inspired him with all the workload of volunteer work and what powers he has to help his constituents.

- Mazhit Zeynullovich, you are a Deputy of maslihat of Astana city has for the second convocation. Please tell me what you attractive to social work?

- For me the work of a Deputy of a maslihat is an opportunity to take part in the public life of the city and to provide active assistance in the solution of problems of Astana residents. The Deputy of maslihat - this is primarily the representative of the interests of the people in local government.

- What goals have you set for yourself as a current Deputy of the sixth convocation?

 I'm trying to facilitate the solution of problems of veterans of war and work, pensioners, people with disabilities, orphans and needy families, as well as in the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of social workers. Also I was concerned about the affordability of health services to residents of our area. Consider important questions of the control over qualitative execution of programs aimed at addressing the problems of emergency and dilapidated housing, the work of the CSC, public transport, improvement of yards constituency. And I care about improving the quality of education and leisure activities.

- What tools have you as a Deputy of a maslihat has to solve the problems of his constituency?

 In the framework of the Law RK "About local state management and self-government" the MPs have certain powers. For example, when someone appeals to me for assistance, I directed Deputy inquiry in a certain state body and the organization is required to answer this question, clarification on a particular situation. Also during the public hearing or report from any governmental authority to the deputies we voiced the questions that informed this body has not decided, or left without consideration. That is, the required necessary action.

- Do you feel that the activity of the Deputy of a maslihat may be effective?

- Existing regulations allow us, deputies, to effectively carry out its activities. At the legislative level prescribed not only privileges but also responsibilities of the Deputy. For example, I must maintain constant communication with the voters of his district at least once a year to inform the public about the work of maslihat activities of the standing committees, the implementation of decisions of maslihat, as well as on the progress of its parliamentary activities, to participate in the organization and control the execution of decisions of maslihat.

- What challenges to you most often turn to the voters of your constituency and the whole Astana team? Is primarily improvement, demolition of dilapidated housing and resettlement of citizens living in it, deficiency of places in kindergartens, outdated water and sewer alignments, repairs of individual sections of pavement, as roads and domestic drives, repairing the facades of old houses, lighting, grubbing and removal of wood (dried trees) and more. - Are you not able to help their constituents in solving these problems? - As I said, within my competence, I send to the competent authorities to parliamentary inquiries with the requirement to take certain measures. Sometimes, to expedite the consideration of some issues is necessary to use even a personal acquaintance.

- How often you interact with their constituents?

- According to the best of their ability, actively meet with residents of the constituency. Liaise with the CSC chairmen in their district. The second and fourth Thursday of each month, spend enrolment of citizens. - How your public activities affect most of the work as the rector of JSC "Astana Medical University"? I'm trying to distinguish between load and time everywhere. Therefore we have to stay in the service, often leaving work past dark.

- Do you feel that the health professions are popular with current high school graduates?

 Every year the staff of our University is carried out vocational guidance work among pupils of senior classes throughout the country. While long-term data show that more than 60% of the students enrolled at the faculty of General medicine of our University, graduates of the regional and rural schools. This trend is explained by the fact that in rural areas the high demand for medical personnel.

- How do you assess the current level of high school graduates who come to get higher education at your University? Do not interfere with gaps in their knowledge of effective school development program of the medical school?

- The level of graduates of schools of last years, came to our University as a whole meets modern requirements of higher education, as every year the contingent of students of JSC "Astana Medical University" graduates "Nazarbayev Intellectual schools", holders of "Altyn belgi", winners of Republican subject and international Olympiads. For example, last year 63% of students admitted to our University, were the owners of "Altyn belgi", winners of Republican and international subject Olympiads. These guys speak several languages, because of this they can go on exchange to foreign medical universities and Intern in leading medical institutions around the world.

- Please share your experience: why you once decided to become a doctor? What influenced your choice? - Choosing a profession, I was guided by the desire to treat people. To this day my desire to help and bring good to the people is not exhausted.

- What qualities have people who become good doctors, as they say, from God?

- The desire to be a good specialist, the ability to take responsibility in difficult situations and the desire to help people achieve recognition and universal respect.

- What measures, in your opinion, should be taken to improve the health care system in the city?

- I suppose it would be possible to create a single database that will store all the patient history. It is necessary to contain the results of tests, MRI, radiographs, opinions of doctors. However, I believe that this database shall be entered all data on patients in providing them with services of hospitals, clinics and medical emergencies.

- How do you assess the level of free medicine in Astana? How it meets the requirements?

- Volume of free medical care to date, significant. It is an expensive medications, diagnostic procedures and operations, which may not always be covered by the budget and require a solidarity payment from patients. For availability and improve the quality of medical services the state is taking the necessary measures, in particular, to date, implemented the project of introduction of compulsory social health insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this regard, in the Republic there is an information outreach to health professionals, employers and the public about the effectiveness and necessity of this type of insurance.

Source: Evening Astana ©

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