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Theses of the speech of Vice-Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan B. Nurymbetova at the CCS media briefing "About the events dedicated to the celebration of labor Day" 29.09.2016

An important role in the formation of the identity of Kazakhstan as a successful nation plays to promote the idea of Universal Labor Society, voiced by the President in his keynote article in 2012.

In this regard, the implementation of 88 step of the Plan "100 steps" is carried out ideological work to promote the Universal Labor Society, including the complex organizational and informational activities in three key areas:

In the first direction "promoting the idea of UNIVERSAL LABOR SOCIETY" was held more than 220 events to promote among the population the idea of Universal Labor Society, 70 conducted press tours in the regions in national and local media published 1493 materials, including national television channels – 173 of the story, in the print media – 202 materials, Internet resources – 273 materials in the regional media – 825 materials, attracted more than 50 national and 200 regional media, etc.

The second direction is implemented a media project "KAZAKHSTAN – a SUCCESSFUL NATION", in which selected top 100 people of Kazakhstan – "heroes of our time" who have achieved success and good results during the years of Independence.

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the achievements of Kazakhstan through the images of the new heroes of a particular people, whose lives, character and accomplishments, personify the success of the country's Independence and  history "of Kazakhstan's success".

To date 100 success stories is a media support in both paper and electronic media, online resources, which in turn helps to strengthen the Kazakh identity and pride of citizens for their country, and encourages each citizen to achieve success.

The third track "LEAGUE of PROFESSIONALS" is a promotion of prestige and popularity in the society of workers and vocational and technical specialties that meet the needs of industrialization and the implementation of the strategy "Kazakhstan-2050".

 In this direction, work is underway to improve the National qualifications system to ensure the needs of the labor market and updating of training programs in educational institutions (like a UNIVERSITY) established 15 Resource centers advanced training in the regions on the basis of the participating colleges in a joint project with the world Bank monitored the labor force in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the automated information system "labor Market".

 In order to increase the prestige of working professions and the development of professional education April to September was carried out national and regional Championships "Worldskills Kazakhstan".

Background: this year, the regional Championships, the WSK was conducted in the 15 most in-demand competencies: masonry brick, dry construction and plastering, painting and decorative work, tiling, electrical work, web design, network and system administration, mechatronics, welding, hairdressing, catering (chef), pastry making, restaurant service, early childhood education, fashion design.

Total coverage of contestants was more than 700 students of technical and vocational education institutions and more than 300 experts from education and business. The largest number of contestants and experts is recorded in Akmola region – 99 participants and 42 of the EA. In addition, the organization of the Championships involved more than 200 representatives of the organizing committees. The Championships were attended by secondary school students, social partners, colleges, parents, the total coverage amounted to more than 2,000 people. September 15, was the closing of the National championship "Worldskills Kazakhstan".

In this case, one of the most important events for popularization of the ideas of Universal Labour Society and the credibility of the working Man is holding a holiday "labor Day" (held annually in 2014).

This year festive events dedicated to the "labor Day" held across the country with young people, representatives of labor collectives, trade unions and employers.

Local Executive bodies with the beginning of the year Plans were approved graphics for the organization and holding of events dedicated to the celebration of labor Day in 2016, according to which the monthly events are held under the auspices of the "Society of Universal Labor":

in April campaign "Work" on the improvement and landscaping of settlements;

in may of the decade, "Youth employment", which organized the job fair under the auspices of "Work for all", the lessons of employment "Your choice" for General educational establishments with participation of veterans of work, the winners of regional competitions of professional skill, excursions for students to companies, production departments;

in June, the competitions of professional skill "Best in profession", "Best young worker", "Best mentor of young workers";

in August and regional competitions among labor dynasties "Enbek Zholy" was established by order of the Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan;

in September events devoted to the celebration of labor Day: labor regional forums; concerts, sporting events, ceremony of honoring the best employees, etc.;

Everywhere, in all regions of the country in late September or early October planned (some regions have already done) the employment forums dedicated to the celebration of labor Day, honoring veterans of labor, professionals and representatives of labor dynasties, contributed to the development and strengthening of Kazakhstan's economy.

This year, the Ministry announced the launch of the Republican contest "Enbek Zholy", which purpose is formation of positive public opinion about the working people and the creation of conditions for the formation of a new labor dynasties at the enterprises and organizations, the education of the Kazakhstanis pride in the achievements of compatriots who have made a significant contribution to development of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the contest all over Kazakhstan applied 460.

In early September, the Ministry summed up the Republican contest "Enbek Zholy", which defined winners in 3 categories - "Best labor dynasty", "the Best young worker of production", "Best mentor of young workers".

The solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition will be held on the day of the Republican

forum "Toward Universal Labor Society", which will be held on September 30 this year, in addition, on the same day, we awarded a 9 retired workers who have contributed to the development of the economy of the country.

Events dedicated to the celebration of labor Day, received wide coverage in leading national and regional media. In this regard, we note that the created mechanisms to stimulate productivity, promotion of working professions among young people, enhance the prestige of the working Man, undoubtedly, contribute to the recognition of the work the decisive national factor in the creation of a competitive and strong Society of Labor.

Dear colleagues, let me also briefly reported on the ongoing work in the field of employment under the impact of global processes on the economy.

As you know, with the deterioration of our major industries, there is a risk of possible mass layoffs of employees. This reinforces the importance of the measures implemented by the government through employment.

It is extremely important to improve policy in the field of employment and efficiently execute the program on employment.

In this regard, first of all I will focus on a Comprehensive plan to promote employment of the population and tell about the results of 8 months of implementation of the employment Road map 2020.

On 1 September 2016 in the framework of the implementation of the Comprehensive plan covered by the Comprehensive plan more than 313 thousand people.

As of September 1, 2016 employed 279,8 thousand people, including permanent jobs 139,1 thousand (49,7%), temporary – 140,7 thousand people.

Considerable role played by the employment roadmap 2020 in the regions. For 8 months the regions were able to cover more events DKZ 111.9 thousand people. The majority of unemployed participants, which accounted for 66.5% of participants, a significant proportion of self-employed up 32.4%. Traditionally among the participants of the Program a large proportion of women and youth, which account for 45 and 47.4 percent, respectively.

Due to the current economic situation, focus on quality of employment with stable wages. Overall, 70% are employed on permanent work.

Today the employment roadmap 2020 in terms of the slowdown in the economy is an important powerful tool in the solution of questions of employment of the unemployed and self-employed.

Thank you for your attention.

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