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From 2002 to 2015 in Kazakhstan, more than 330 thousand of healthcare industry specialists raised their qualifications


From 2002 to 2015 in Kazakhstan for refresher courses and retraining 330 466 prepared by the specialists of the health care industry (in 2002 – 9500, 2015 – 47 512), including abroad – 2572.

Training of specialists abroad was launched in 2005. During this period the Kazakh health workers mastered the new methods of diagnosis and treatment in cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, Oncology, Hematology, obstetrics and gynecology, Pediatrics, Phthisiology, etc.

In the health care system from year to year, innovative technologies are introduced, and new medicines are produced and equipment. In this connection, imposes increasing demands on the quality of training, in particular to the programs of additional education.

With the aim of providing continuous professional development of health workers, the health Ministry of Kazakhstan made a number of comprehensive measures. Annually in the national budget provides funds for training in such areas as: training and retraining of health care organizations in the country; training and retraining of public health organizations in the domestic organizations of education and science with the participation of leading foreign specialists; advanced training and retraining of personnel in foreign organizations of education and science; training of specialists with higher and postgraduate education.

In addition, since 2003, is preparing masters of public health, 2008 within the framework of the signing by Kazakhstan of the Bologna Convention are being trained in residency and doctorate. Over the years, has trained more than 2 thousand highly qualified scientific personnel.

Recall from 2013, implementing a Comprehensive human resource development plan of health of the RK, aimed at formation of effective personnel policy of the branch, ensuring the provision of quality health services. He envisages a range of measures, including in the field of methodology of continuous professional development training. The measures taken to improve the postgraduate training of specialists will improve the expertise of the people and consequently to improve the quality of medical care to the population.

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