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In Kazakhstan vaccinated more than 88% of citizens subject to vaccination against influenza


In Kazakhstan as of 1 November this year, Teens were vaccinated against influenza 1 million 281 thousand 784 people, which is 88.1% of the total number of citizens subject to vaccination. Among them 148 thousand 14 health workers, 65 thousand 262 pregnant women, 455 thousand total of 224 children with chronic diseases, including pupils, 51 thousand 993 teacher schools, higher and secondary educational institutions, students, 55тыс. 52 elderlymen, 506 239 thou san representatives of working groups.

During rounds conducted by specialists of departments of health regions, cases of influenza among pregnant women and children up to 1 year, including among the vaccinated, not fixed.

Recall that mass vaccination against flu started from 3 October 2016

Changed on 2 November, 2016 - 15:09
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