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LLP "SK-pharmacy" launched the Situational and analytical center

LLP "SK-pharmacy"

Today, on the basis of LLP "SK-pharmacy", is the inauguration of Situation and analytical center of the sole distributor with the participation of Vice-Minister of healthcare and social development Svetlana Zhakupova.

The event was attended by veterans of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Committee monitoring the medical and pharmaceutical activity of MH of the RK, Committee for medical service payment of the MHSD of the RK National chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken".

The main functions of Situation and analytical center is to collect and analyses information on the procurement and supply of public health drugs and products of medical appointment within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

Consolidation of information about drug supply in the Situational-analytical center will provide: an update on the key performance indicators in real time; improved planning and forecasting; efficiency of managerial decision-making; timeliness of preparation of analytical materials.

In 2017 will be carried out integration of the information system of Situation-analytical center with similar health systems and e-Government portal.

Changed on 2 November, 2016 - 20:23
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