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Leading experts in the field of reproductive technologies discussed in Almaty modern approaches to infertility treatment

IVF , reproductive medicine

4 November 2016 in Almaty started its work VIII international Congress "Modern approaches to the treatment of infertility. Art: Present and future" with participation of leading experts in the field of reproductive technologies from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

The forum was also attended by obstetrician-gynecologists, representatives of centers of in vitro fertilization (hereinafter IVF), andrologists, endocrinologists dealing with treatment of infertility.

In addition, the Congress came to Professor Anatoly Nikitin, Elena Kalinina – the authors of the first child "test-tube" of the USSR (1986), managers of IVF clinics and the leaders of the world of reproduction.

Event organizer: Kazakhstan Association of reproductive medicine with the support of the Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan.

The relevance of the theme of the forum due to the fact that the barren marriage remains a serious medical and social problem, the solution of which is important for improving the demographic situation in the country and the quality of life of patients who cannot have children. The development of modern methods of diagnostics allows accurately determining the main causes of infertility and determining its treatment. Almost 50% of cases of infertility due to pathology of the reproductive system of men. In 25% of cases there is a combined infertility.

In recent decades, the world has accumulated vast experience in treating various forms of infertility. Most of the existing methods are successfully implemented in Kazakhstan. Develops endovideosurgery, hormonal methods of diagnosis and treatment, andrology, medical genetics, embryology, register new safe and effective medicines. All this has led to the creation of assisted reproductive technology (art) and their active implementation in practice.

In our country art began to be introduced since 1995, when the Almaty city center for human reproduction (hereinafter GTRC) opened the first laboratory for in vitro fertilization, and a year later was born the first child conceived in vitro. Today in Kazakhstan there are 22 centers of IVF, including 17 private ones.

The art treatment in the country was more than 50 thousand couples. The treatment efficiency rose from 15% to 43% on average. The cure rate at child's birth (take home baby) is at 29%, which corresponds to the European average. In families with infertility was born more than 12 thousand children.  

Until 2010 the treatment is quite expensive, was carried out at the expense of patients themselves. An important achievement of Kazakhstan's healthcare system should consider the introduction of treatment of patients with infertility art methods at the expense of the Republican budget. MHSD funds are allocated for IVF in need to couples.

Since 2010, within the guaranteed volume of free medical aid financed about 3 thousand art programs. In 2016 the government will be paid 820 programs. The treatment patients receive in both public and private centers of their choice. The programs are held in 2 public and 3 private hospitals with the best results in efficiency and a great experience. Only because of budget programs in Kazakhstan during the years of 2010-2016 was born about 1200 children.

Director of the Institute for reproductive medicine (hereinafter IRM) Tamara Dzhusubalieva noted that 40% of public procurement is performed IWW, the success quota of IVF is 52%.

"In addition, for the first time in Kazakhstan in the IWW, in conjunction with experts from Japan introduced the technique of cryopreservation of ovarian tissue in cancer patients, in order to preserve the reproductive function and ability after treatment to have children," - said Tamara Dzhusubalieva. The forum will be held master-classes on the most pressing problems of embryology in the art with the participation of experts from Great Britain, Thailand, Israel, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

An important focus will be on prevention of diseases, leading to the development of infertility, the role of primary health care in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

The forum will host an exhibition dedicated to reproductive medicine, it will bring together more than 50 leading manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment, as well as the well-known Kazakhstan art clinic.

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