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In the framework of implementation of "employment roadmap 2020" state support measures provided to more than 744 thousand people

employment roadmap 2020

During the implementation of the program "employment Road map 2020" (hereinafter – the "employment roadmap-2020"), from 2011 to 2016, the measures of state support provided to more than 744 thousand people. Of them permanent jobs employed 563 thousand. This was during the government hour held today in the Mazhilis, Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova. 

At the beginning of his speech, the head of the health Ministry of Kazakhstan said that over the above period there is a positive dynamics of the main indicators of the labor market.

Thus, a qualitative change in the labor force is characterized by the growth of total employment 6.3% increase in the number of employees 16.6%. The unemployed population decreased by 9%, the number of self-employed fell by 14%, and unproductive self-employed for the last three years has decreased more than threefold.

"For the duration of the program of state support provided to more than 744 thousand people. Of them are employed on permanent jobs 563 thousand. Only for 9 months of current year participants of "employment roadmap 2020" more than 146 thousand people," - said Tamara Duysenova.

The Minister noted that the measures envisaged in the first direction of the program (employment due to the development of infrastructure and housing and communal services), it is well established in the world practice in conditions of economic crisis.

"A massive renovation and improvement of villages provide an opportunity to take a temporary job for the rural population, which ensures their defined income, participation in pension systems and social insurance; improve the population's access to social services through the rehabilitation of rural infrastructure and worn-out facilities; to support domestic small and medium businesses subject to the program requirements on the local content repair work", - she explained.

In 2016 it is planned to implement 5712 projects, including 3607 carried out in the most remote villages of Kazakhstan and is financed from funds of the special reserve of the Government for the 25th anniversary of independence.

The bulk of the projects is the repair of roads and educational facilities. In regional terms, the largest number of projects in East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, North Kazakhstan and South Kazakhstan regions.

"These projects will create more than 41 thousand jobs. The first direction of the program in the current year total allocated 81.5 billion tenge. In accordance with work schedules and financing plans for November and December administrations of the planned full development of the allocated funds" - said Tamara Duysenova.

The purpose of the second part of the programme is the formation of individual entrepreneurs among the self-employed and unemployed citizens by providing them with micro-credits on preferential terms. 

"In 2016, for micro-crediting in General, provided 30,8 billion tenge. 

The practice of previous years shows that most participants use microcredits in agriculture (79%), in particular in livestock farming because it is the most understandable and accessible business for the villagers. So this year we have increased the size of microloans of up to 6 million tenge to encourage enterprises in the agricultural cooperatives and the creation of small-scale commodity production on the basis of similar personal services. Cooperation will help them work together to solve the issues of feed and distribution of products, to provide productive employment, and thus create additional jobs for the villagers. For these purposes KZT 10 billion of the total allocated amount," - said Tamara Duysenova.

This year it is planned to give micro loans 9 thousand people, while creating an additional approximately 12 thousand jobs. Already issued 6 834 microcredit, of which 89% is used for agriculture.

The third direction of the program provides training and employment assistance, as well as the relocation of people from labor-surplus to labor-deficit regions. For these purposes this year allocated 10.8 billion tenge.

"Since 2013, training in the framework of the "employment roadmap-2020" is carried out only at the request of employers with the obligation of further employment. As of October 1, aims to teach 6621 people, of which 4182 already completed the training. Were employed by employers 3751 people, or 90% of all completed training of students", - informed the head of the health Ministry of Kazakhstan.

To support young graduates and a separate target population, in the "employment roadmap 2020" will apply the mechanism of creating state-subsidized jobs (social workplaces and youth practice). In the current year, these instruments have been used by more than 27 thousand people.

"This temporary employment is a significant help in the acquisition of labor, skills, expanding their opportunities for further permanent employment. As of October 1, 81% of those who completed the work on social jobs and 60% completed the youth practice was able to get a permanent job," added the Minister.

Tamara Duysenova also reported that during the period of implementation of the program is completed the voluntary relocation of almost 18 thousand people, or more than 5 thousand families. And 78% of able-bodied family members are employed on a permanent job.

"This year, in accordance with the instructions of the President were first introduced a number of new anti-crisis mechanisms and tools of the program, the main condition of which was the preservation of employers of workplaces with risks of layoffs.

Through the "employment roadmap-2020" organized training 1 949 young workers, as well as providing grants to employers for training 702 workers, with the conditions that the employer will not cut jobs. In addition, it was trained 985 individuals close to retirement age.

First used the mechanism of temporary subsidy of wages of skilled workers for reduced working time in 8 large industrial enterprises of the country. Subsidies have reached more than 3 thousand employees, have been allocated 127 million tenge", - was informed by Tamara Duysenova.

With the beginning of the year 111 thousand people received permanent jobs, of which 87 thousand (78,4%) were employed by the employment centers directly for open positions employers. The remaining 24 thousand people found permanent jobs after obtaining various measures of state support within the program.

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