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In 2012 in Kazakhstan conducted over 1 thousand transplants of organs

organ transplantation

From 2012 to October 2016 in Kazakhstan held 1011 organ transplants from living-related and posthumous donors. Among them: kidney – 793, liver, – 170, heart – 41, light – 5, pancreas - 2. Also conducted 41 the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells in children.

Every year the world spends more than 100 thousand transplants of human organs and approximately 200 thousand of transplants of tissues and cells. The main part is on the kidneys, liver, heart and pancreas.

The history of the development of transplantology in Kazakhstan begins its report of 1979, when for the first time in the Kazakh SSR, the Institute of clinical and experimental surgery began to be performed kidney transplantation from cadaver donors. The preconditions for the development of Transplantology in the country originated in the years of independence, when they performed the first transplant of heart, liver and lungs. They built a modern medical clinic, equipped with the most advanced equipment, trained high-level specialists who conduct a full range of medical care for patients with organ failure, starting with substitution therapy and ending with transplant organ and rehabilitation activities.

It should be noted that transplantation was held in Kazakhstan within the guaranteed volume of free medical care. Currently, organ transplants are carried out in 10 medical institutions of the Republic. If in 2012 amounted to 65 organ transplants, in 2014, more than 200 operations annually.

With the aim of developing post-mortem organ donation and transplantation in 2012 in the Republic created a system of transplant coordination. At the moment, work is under way to raise awareness for the lifetime consent to the donation of the organ; the development of transplantation from cadaver (cadaver donor); the development of new technologies in the field of transplantation of organs and bone marrow from related and unrelated donors and to create a unified information system "register of donors, recipients and persons awaiting transplantation".

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