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Kazakhstan has launched the decade on quitting Smoking


From 14 to 23 November 2016 in all regions of Kazakhstan will host a ten-day campaign dedicated to the International day of refusal of Smoking.

Its goal is raising awareness about the devastating effects on the body of tobacco products, reduces the incidence of Smoking, increased control of doctors and the population against tobacco addiction and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In the framework of the decade in organizations of primary health care (hereinafter - PHC) planned: trainings for medical and social workers, psychologists in the provision of preventive care; consultation with specialists, primary care, tobacco control centers/clinics and youth health centers to provide support to persons wishing to abandon the consumption of tobacco products. Health in schools will be intensified for the prevention of behavioral risk factors.

Tobacco consumption is injurious to health of both active and passive smokers. Second-hand smoke causes serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including coronary heart disease, lung cancer, etc. in infants; it can cause sudden infant death syndrome. Due to the impact of tobacco smoke on pregnant women they have babies with low body weight.

In 2006, Kazakhstan ratified the WHO framework Convention on tobacco control aimed at reducing the prevalence of Smoking and ensuring the quality of life of the population.

Recall, the international day of refusal of Smoking is celebrated since 1977 on the third Thursday of November, on the proposal of the American cancer society and with the support of WHO.

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