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The leadership of the Ministry of health conducted in the regions of Kazakhstan the solemn meeting devoted to the independence Day

the solemn meeting

Today, Vice Ministers of health and social development of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova, Alex Choi and Elzhan Birtanov on the eve of the Independence Day celebration met with the public regions of the country.  

Speaking to residents of Aktobe region, Svetlana Zhakupova noted that Kazakhstan is a stable state with a dynamically developing economy with a unique experience of success.

"Thanks to the wise policy of the head of state in 25 years of independence, Kazakhstan has seen large transformations in the economic, political and social spheres. The main directions of the state policy were and remain the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan, systematic and purposeful movement to a high quality of life," she said. 

The measures taken to stabilize the situation in the socio-economic sector have allowed Kazakhstan to achieve significant improvements in employment and reduction in unemployment.

So, if in 1999 the unemployment rate reached 13.5 percent, in 2016 - 5%. Since 2011 the program "employment Road map 2020", which measures employment promotion reached more than 710 thousand people on a permanent job employed more than 530 thousand people of Kazakhstan. 

Svetlana Zhakupova reminded that Kazakhstan has a three-tier pension system. Carried out a phased modernization of the pension system, which will allow you to keep the ratio of pension to lost earnings at least 40%, in line with international standards; to create a full-fledged pension system, with the optimum allocation of responsibility between the employee, the employer and the state; to increase the motivation of the population to formal employment. 

The implementation of socially-oriented policy allowed reducing the number of citizens with income below the subsistence minimum. During the years of independence the level of poverty decreased by almost 13 times, from 34.6% in 1996 to 2.7% in 2015. 

"Currently in Kazakhstan pursuant to the Plan of the nation's "100 steps" provided by the introduction of targeted social assistance (hereinafter - TSA) new format which will be provided to needy citizens on the basis of the findings of the social contract. If the family has able-bodied members, then ASP will be appointed with the condition of their participation in employment programs," said Svetlana Zhakupova.  

New approaches for the provision of ASP as a pilot scheme introduced in the Republic in 2014 in the framework of the project "Orleu". In the result, the average per capita income of project participants has increased 2.8 times. For the project this year from the Republican budget it is allocated 1,4 billion tenge. In active measures of assistance of employment was involved more than 8,4 thousand people or 90.5% of the total working-age participants of the project "Orleu".  

In turn, Vice-Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan Aleksey Tsoy at a public meeting in Akmola region, told about the achievements of the health system during the years of independence. 

"As a result of implementation of two state programs of healthcare development in the period from 2005 to 2015 has improved the basic health indicators of the population. So, the life expectancy of Kazakhstan citizens has increased by 4.4 years and by the end of 2015 amounted to 72 years. State budget expenditures on healthcare over the last 10 years increased more than 5 times. The maternal mortality rate decreased 5.4 times, infant - almost 3 times", - he said. 

  Aleksey Tsoy has underlined that in 25 years the country has built more than 1,300 healthcare facilities resulting in improved accessibility of the population to medical care.  

"In Akmola region, as well as throughout the country, there have been positive socio-economic changes. Only in the last 15 years in the region built 34 health facilities. Among them is regional blood center, polyclinic for 500 visits in 2 stroke center, the new building of the perinatal center. Open eye care and rehabilitation centers," he added. 

Elzhan Birtanov, speaking to residents of Zhambyl region, informed them about the work of government to strengthen the health of citizens. 

  "The country has successfully applied unique medical technologies. This allowed for the last 5 years is almost 2 times to reduce the mortality rate from cardiovascular disease. Only in 2015 in the Republic made more than 16 thousand high-tech operations. In Kazakhstan, started operation on transplantation of bodies, which allowed bringing a new level of quality healthcare in the country," he said.  

The Vice-Minister noted that research centers and national clinics transmit the accumulated experience to the regions. Today, of the 130 clinics that provide high-tech help, the 80 is a regional hospital. Because of this, citizens living in remote areas get the help, staying in the Republican hospital. 

  Much attention the government pays to the prevention of diseases and provision of medicines citizens.  

  "Kazakhstan has successfully implemented a national screening program, which aims to identify diseases in the early stages. More than 2 million citizens free medicines to more than 400 names at the expense of the state within the guaranteed volume of free medical care at outpatient level for 49 of socially significant diseases," concluded Elzhan Birtanov.   

Recall, from 10 to 14 December in all regions of the country held solemn meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan with participation of representatives of Central government bodies.

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