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MHSD RK is recognized as the best state Agency to work with citizens

Nur Otan

Today in Central office of "Nur Otan" summed up the contest "the Best counseling office". The Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan the winner in the nomination "the Best state authority". 

This contest was judged by the speed and efficiency of consideration of addresses of citizens.

Speaking at the ceremony, Executive Secretary of the health Ministry of Kazakhstan Aida Kurmangaliyeva emphasized that the health and socio-labor sphere most often concern the Kazakhs, therefore, reception of citizens and solving their problems is one of the main tasks of the Ministry.

"For the current year the leadership of the Ministry of in public reception of the party "Nur Otan" was accepted by 66 people. In addition, employees of the Ministry in the framework of the party project "SSS Bailanys" was held on 22 welcome and accepted 133 of the citizen. The results of the techniques every fourth citizen who applied for assistance received a positive response to their questions," she said. 

In conclusion, Aida Kurmangaliyeva said that the health Ministry of Kazakhstan is always open for citizens.

Changed on 13 December, 2016 - 16:20
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