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For 6 years within the guaranteed volume of free medical aid medicines provided more than 20.4 million Kazakhstanis

drug coverage

Over the past 6 years in Kazakhstan within the guaranteed volume of free medical care (hereinafter - SBP) drugs at outpatient level provided 9 million 581 thousand (as at 14 December 2016), on the stationary level of 10 million 901 thousand persons (as of 1 November 2016). For these purposes from Republican and local budgets was allocated to 820,3 billion tenge. 

It should be noted that the scope of citizens ' drug provision within the SBP at the outpatient level has increased from year to year with 776 thousand in 2011 to 2 million 47 thousand in 2016, and funding – with 43.3 billion tenge (2011) to 88.6 billion tenge (2016). 

Drug provision of the population is one of the most important tasks of the state. In Kazakhstan a regulated activity registration and quality control of drugs, medical products, and medical equipment. The creation of a Single vendor of medicines in the face of LLP "SK-pharmacy" helped to bring the purchase to the international standards of logistics, storage and distribution, as well as to ensure the uninterrupted and timely supply of drugs in health organization. Operates the information system of drug supply on the outpatient level, which provides transparency of the process. Kazakhstan established the national drug formulary; work the drug information center acquired mobile Express laboratories for the detection of counterfeit and adulterated medications.

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