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The MHSD of Kazakhstan discussed the issues of social protection of persons with disabilities


The Ministry of healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan held a regular meeting of the Coordination Council in the field of social protection of the disabled people under the chairmanship of the Minister Tamara Duissenova.

The event was attended by representatives of Central State Bodies, deputies’ akims of regions, heads of managements of coordination of employment and social programs of regions, territorial departments of the Committee of labor, social protection and migration of the MHSD, NGOs.

The Department reported that the meeting discussed issues such as: the realization of rights and improvement of the quality of life of disabled persons in Kazakhstan and participation of the disabled people in cultural and sports life of the community.

A report on the implementation of the third phase of the planned activities to ensure the rights and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in Kazakhstan for 2012-2018 was made by Vice-Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova.

She reported there was a realization of plans about inventory and adaptation of objects of social and transport infrastructure to provide accessibility to people with disabilities.

"To date, the certification of 27.8 thousand infrastructures has been carried out. Currently, about 17 thousand pass ported objects need to be adapted for persons with disabilities, from them 11 thousand objects have already been adapted to the needs of disabled people, what is 77%. To provide the availability of transport infrastructure by the budget, 3.9 thousand road signs have been set at the locations of organizations focused on disability services, 155 pedestrian crossings are equipped with audible devices in 2016," said Svetlana Zhakupova.

The result of these measures, the number of available objects of social and transport infrastructure for disable people from the total number of certified areas is 75.2%.

She noted that the MHSD is working to provide services to persons with disabilities for their integration into society.

"Every year about 16 thousand disabled persons are provided services of an individual assistant and a specialist of sign language, 35 thousand disable people receive a free transport service (the service "Invataxi") to travel to work, school and other social infrastructure. In addition, it is provided automated services to persons with disabilities through the departments of medico-social examination. This allows the person during the initial establishment disability in one place to apply for disability, to determine of degree of disability, to arrange the individual program of rehabilitation and to apply for the appointment of state social benefits and special state benefits for disability. In 2016, this service is provided to 28 thousand people," - said Svetlana Zhakupova.

According to the agreement between the MHSD and JSC "Kazpost" 14 thousand disabled people living in rural areas were provided by technical aids of rehabilitation (except prosthetic - orthopedic products) which were delivered at the place of residence.

The Vice - Minister said that the special attention is paid for the employment of persons with disabilities. To date, more 122 thousand persons with disabilities have been employed, accounting for 39% of the total number of disabled people of working age.

The results of the work of the Institute of advisers for the disabled people and public monitoring of rights of persons with disabilities informed the Chairman of the Association of women with disabilities "Shyrak" Lyazat Kaltaeva about measures to increase the participation of disabled persons in cultural and sports life of the society, reported the Vice-Minister of culture and sport of Kazakhstan Aktoty Raimkulova.

Following the meeting, the recommendations and appropriate instructions were issued.

The Coordinating Council in the field of social protection of disabled persons is an Advisory-consultative body under the Government of Kazakhstan. It was established with the aim of formulating proposals and recommendations on issues of social protection of the disabled people, to provide the interaction of central and local executive bodies, organizations, public associations of disabled persons on issues of social protection of persons with disabilities, to create equal opportunities for life and integration into society. The Council includes representatives of Republican and regional public associations of persons with disabilities.

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