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In 2016 more than 125 thousand people were covered by the special social services


In 2016 the special social services covered 125,6 thousand people, of which 119,3 thousand received special social services in 717 public institutions, 6.3 million people were served by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In 2016 the provision of special social services in the nongovernmental sector engaged in 106 NGOs.

Special social services are a range of services to individuals and families in difficult life situations aimed at creating conditions to overcome social problems and providing them equal with other citizens opportunities to participate in society.

These services are guaranteed by the government and provided free of charge under the following grounds: orphan hood, homelessness, deviant behavior, disability, inability to self-care in mind old age, a release from places of imprisonment, homelessness, parole, abuse.

Speciously can be tailored to the individual characteristics of those who need them in 8 areas of life: social, socio-psychological, socio-labor, socio-medical, socio-cultural, socio-pedagogical, socio-legal and socio-economic.

One of the types of provision of social services is the creation of alternative forms of boarding houses for the elderly and persons with disabilities, persons with psycho-neurological diseases, including children with dysfunctions of musculoskeletal apparatus.

This form of service today is actively being developing by the network of branches of day stay for disabled children. This allowed them to return to family 626 children and employ more than 693 parents whose children attend these institutions. The Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan in this year will continue its expansion by passing through outsourcing to NGOs or private entities.

It’s also carried out the transformation of health and social organizations in the social service centers that will provide services not only for the budget, but on a fee basis to other categories of citizens.

Since the introduction of the system of rendering special social services, the number of recipients increased by 73.5 % and 72.4 thousand persons in 2009, 125.6 thousand people in 2016.

20 February, 2015 the Head of state signed the Law of Kazakhstan "On ratification of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities". The government of Kazakhstan adopted and gradually implemented the Plan of measures to ensure the rights and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities for 2012 – 2018 years. One of the main areas of this plan is to increase the efficiency of rehabilitation and special social services. Currently, the Republic has approximately 652 thousand people with disabilities.

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