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B. Nurymbetov explained to the leaders of the oil service companies the rules of attracting foreign labor force

foreign labor workforce

On the forum of construction companies of the Project of the Future Expansion Project Wellhead Pressure Management (hereinafter - FGP-WPMP) “Tengizchevroil” the Deputy Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov explained to the leaders of the oil service companies existing procedure for attracting foreign labor workforce (hereinafter - FLW).

The event was attended by representatives of central and local Executive Bodies, local and international contractors LLP "Tengizchevroil".

At the outset, Birzhan Nurymbetov reminded that in Kazakhstan the order of attraction of FLW was improved.

"We have revised the procedure for determining the quotas for attracting FLW. The rules of attracting foreign labor and issuance of permits in a general manner, and intra-corporate transfer were changed significantly. We also suggested new approaches to coming foreigners to Kazakhstan for self-employment," he said.

The Deputy Minister explained that the quota for FLW, which was previously established as a percentage of the economically active population of the country, since the beginning of this year is set separately for each area, industry (or economic activity). The calculation of quotas is conducted by the regional commissions on the basis of employers ' applications, taking into account a comprehensive analysis of labor demand, the forecast number of unemployed, the need for strategic projects (such as SPIID), evaluation of the effectiveness of the involvement of FLW in the previous year.

"Previously, the system of work permits was cumbersome; there were many conditions for their receipt. For example, employers who granted permission had to provide training, retraining or improving the skills of local personnel or create additional jobs for local workers. With the beginning of the year instead of all these special conditions imposed tax levy, which the employer will pay to the local budget. Fee rates are established in the corridor from 137 to 250 MCI, depending on the category of foreign labor and industry, is approximately KZT 290 to 530 thousand. Moreover, permits will be issued in a shorter time. If before this procedure took till 41 days, since the current year the period for issuing permits has been significantly reduced: the decision will be made for 7 days, the rest of the time given by the employer to pay the filing fee. Permits will be issued in paper form and in electronic format," added Birzhan Nurymbetov.

At the same time are the requirements for employers to comply with the conditions on local content in personnel: managers and their deputies – at least 70%, technicians and skilled workers – at least 90%.

"On intra-corporate transfer (hereinafter - ICT) we have existed our legislation into line with world trade organization standards. Since this year, the system of the ICT began under the new format, the ITC is carried out in the sectors of economic determined by the Government, for a period determined by the labor contract but not exceeding 3 years, with an option to renew the permission for 1 year. Executives, managers and specialists can be only transferred", - said the Deputy Minister.

At this time are requirements for implementation by employers of the special conditions of choice – professional training, retraining or advanced training of the Kazakh-citizens or the creation of additional jobs.

Requirements for local content in personnel will operate according to the simplified scheme in the ratio of 50/50 for managers and specialists, the first leaders and their deputies is not covered.

Resolution in the framework of the ICT will be issued on a free basis.

"Before, workers who came to Kazakhstan individually, without invitation of any employer, had to get permission in the Governor's offices. This year these permits were substituted for a certificate of qualification. This certificate will be issued by the Ministry on the recommendation of the relevant Committee", - informed Birzhan Nurymbetov.

In this case the qualification of such foreign workers the level of education and experience will be required, which will be evaluated on a scoring system.

"I want to note that certificates will not be issued to all foreign specialists. We have identified a number of sectors and economic activities, as well as professions which will allow people to the labor market for the certificates. Depending on the situation on the labor market and the needs of the workforce, we can revise the list of industries and professions," added the Deputy Minister.

The certificate will be valid throughout the territory of the country for the first 3 months of staying of a foreigner in Kazakhstan. It is assumed that during these 3 months the foreigner must receive a job and to notify the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of RK. In this case, the certificate will be extended for the term of his employment agreement, but not more than 3 years in aggregate.

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