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2018 will be simplified the procedure of obtaining of allowances for people with disabilities and mothers of large families


About it today at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the MLSP RK at the end of 2016 and plans for 2017, held with the participation of representatives of the presidential Administration, Prime Minister's Office, Central state bodies, deputies of the RK Parliament and Deputy governors of regions, said Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova.

She noted that the MLSP RK will be modernized system of social assistance to citizens by two important conceptual shifts from 1 January 2018.

"The first one involves the transformation of special government benefits to certain categories of citizens. In particular, the special state allowance for the disabled will be integrated with state social disability benefits. To get these 2 benefits to disabled people today have to cook 2 different documents. In accordance with the new approach, to be appointed by one government guaranteed a subsidy that will match the size of the currently received two", she explained.

The same changes will be made in terms of specroscopy paid to mothers of large families (awarded pendants "Altyn Alka", "Kumis Alka" or got before the rank "Mother-heroine" and awarded the order of "Maternal glory" I or II degree). Now for this category of mothers has 3 types of benefits, respectively, provided 3 documents.

"The difficulty lies not only in the delivery of the documents, but also to regulate the procedure of providing social benefits different laws. In this regard, the special state allowance to mothers of many children will be transformed into a "Handbook for mothers" and to get it will be a package of documents" - said the Minister.

The second important change in the system of social support of the population – with effect from 1 January 2018 the new order of rendering of targeted social assistance (hereinafter - TSA) to families with incomes below 50% of the subsistence minimum (currently 40%) on each member of the family, with the condition of mandatory participation of able-bodied family members in active measures to promote employment, which will be granted in replacement of existing:

- special state allowances (hereinafter - SSA) large families;

- state child allowances till 18 years for low-income families;

- targeted social assistance to low-income households.

The new TSA will be classified into 2 types: unconditional and conditional cash assistance.

Unconditional cash assistance will be provided to those families in which no able-bodied members (e.g., families of disabled or elderly pensioners), or families of able-bodied members of which for objective reasons are unable to participate in measures promoting employment (for example, a single mother with children of preschool age). For these families, mandatory participation in employment measures for benefits is not required.

Conditional cash assistance will be given to families, having in its composition at least one able-bodied member, subject to the conclusion of the social contract and mandatory participation of all able-bodied family members in employment promotion measures.

Tamara Duissenova recalled that the basic standard of the social security system is a living wage. On behalf of the Head of state from 1 January 2018 will be the revised method of calculation of the subsistence minimum taking into account the real level of consumer spending Kazakhstan. This will provide for 3 million people increasing the size of basic pensions and allowances for people with disabilities, families, survivors, targeted assistance and allowances for raising disabled children. For these purposes in the budget will be allocated 63 billion.

Changed on 21 February, 2017 - 18:55
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