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In 2017 Kazakhstan citizens living in rural areas, will be able to obtain the necessary spectaculary


About it today at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the MLSP RK at the end of 2016 and plans for 2017, held with the participation of representatives of the presidential Administration, Prime Minister's Office, Central state bodies, deputies of the RK Parliament and Deputy governors of regions, said Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova.

The Minister said that this year the MLSP RK will continue work on modernization of system of social service.

"In the first stage, we ensure de-monopolization of the market for the provision of special social services. This gave the opportunity to realize the right of citizens of the organisation providing services (in the public sector or non-governmental organizations); to eliminate queues in the children's psychoneurological house-boarding schools; to bring services to consumers.

This year we are implementing the second phase conversion, which provides for accessibility of places of residence. In this regard, as I said, in the framework of the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship we have proposed regions implementation of two projects (training of counsellors in social work and the opening of low-capacity homes to care for persons in need of spectacular). The implementation of these projects on the one hand will contribute to cover the demand in spectacular citizens living in rural areas, and on the other hand will engage in productive employment of women approaching retirement age themselves persons with disabilities," - said Tamara Duissenova.

The head of the MLSP RK recommended that the Deputy akims of region, heads of employment departments and social programs and employment centers until March 1 to determine the feasibility of these projects in the regions and to start their implementation from 1 April of the current year.

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