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Implementation of the Program of development of productive employment and the mass of business on March 1, 2017

In the framework of the development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship in 2017, it is proposed to 85.3 billion KZT, of them 40.3 billion KZT from the Republican budget and 45 billion KZT in the form of transfers of a General character.

On March 1, 2017, applied for participation in the Program 58 of 531 people, of which 49 538 people included in the membership.

Of those who took part in the Program unemployed is 46 467 people (93,8 %), self-employed – 3 071 people (6.2 per cent).

The proportion of young people under 29 years among the participants is from 42.2 % (20 of 902 people), the proportion of women is 53.9 % (26 685).

At the reporting date 48 585 citizens rendered active measures to promote employment, including 17 640 people were employed on vacant jobs.

The first direction: for participants of technical and vocational education and short professional training.

The first direction of the Program allocated 11.6 billion (including training for technical and vocational education 4.4 billion KZT, short-term vocational training 6.5 billion KZT, learning out to training in 2013-2016 0.2 billion KZT and the acquisition of mobile centers 0.5 billion KZT).

On training with technical and vocational education is planned to teach 21,3 thousand persons, short-term vocational training of 26.0 thousand.

Training with technical and professional education will start on 1 September of the current year, short-term vocational training of April 1

Second, the development of mass entrepreneurship.

The second direction of the Program dedicated to 43.0 billion. KZT (including microcredit 41.6 billion KZT, the project "Bastau Business" 1,4 billion KZT). It is planned to issue 5 800 of microcredit in the cities and villages, to teach the basics of entrepreneurship project "Bastau Business" 15,0 thousand people.

Today is working on the conclusion of loan agreements between the Ministries of Finance, national economy, agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and local Executive bodies. After the signing of loan agreements will begin issuing micro-credit.

The third direction is the development of the labor market through promotion of employment and labor mobility.

The third direction of the Program selected 9,0 billion KZT (including on social jobs KZT 2.6 billion, on youth practice 4.3 billion KZT, increase of mobility of labor resources of 2.1 billion KZT).

Scheduled employment on social jobs 11 359 people, on youth practice 12 725 graduates for public works 76 163 people. Provides for the payment of travel expenses 2 792 persons.

On March 1 of this year in social jobs employed 7 669 people or 67.5% of the annual plan, the youth practice 3 420 people, or 26.9% of the annual plan.

Participated in public works 856 19 people or 26% of the annual plan.

Changed on 6 April, 2017 - 19:05
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