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B. Nurymbetov explained to management and asset SKR the main innovations in the workplace


Today during his working trip to South Kazakhstan region Deputy Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov held a seminar-meeting on issues of realization of the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship.

The event was attended by akims of cities and districts of Kazakhstan, heads of Department of coordination of employment and social programs, employment centers, NGO, etc.

At the beginning of his speech, the Deputy Minister has reminded that since January 1, 2017 in Kazakhstan, the program on the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship (hereinafter - the program), which provides: mass training and skills in occupations in demand and the basics of entrepreneurship, creation of conditions for mass entrepreneurship through credit, the development of the labor market through promotion of employment and support labor mobility.

In the first part of the program will be organized free vocational training on the basis of the colleges with a training period to 2.5 years, especially for young people who after finishing school are not enrolled in educational institutions. This year it is planned to extend technical and vocational education more than 21 thousand young people of Kazakhstan.

"The state will fully cover the cost of tuition, pay a stipend to reimburse expenses for travel and accommodation and will also provide disposable hot meals for students in institutions of technical and vocational education", stressed Birzhan Nurymbetov.

In addition, the colleges, training centers of the NCE "Atameken" and the training centers of the enterprises will be conducted short-term vocational training courses (1 to 6 months).

To ensure availability of training to citizens living in remote rural areas, will be organized mobile training centers: in the form of mobile systems with special classes in Akmola, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Mangistau and Kostanay regions; on the basis of small schools in remote rural localities; on the basis of employers.

"I want to emphasize, if we had taught only at the request of employers, but now we will teach in-demand professions, attent to the learning process masters of their craft, which will give more practice", - said the Deputy Minister.

Birzhan Nurymbetov noted that the loans for the program participants in the cities will be issued by the Fund "Damu", and in the villages and small cities Fund support for agriculture and Agrarian credit Corporation. The amount of the granted credits increased to 8 thousand MCI (up to 18 million KZT) with a period of 5 years (the livestock and agricultural cooperatives up to 7 years) and annual interest rate to 6%. For loans through the Agricultural credit Corporation introduces the mechanism of loan guarantee: up to 85% for start-up entrepreneurs and up to 50% for existing.

The third direction of the program provides for increased targeted support in employment of certain categories of citizens, increase of mobility of labor resources and development of infrastructure of the labor market.

"We will continue to use tools such as youth practice and social jobs and public works that are in demand among young people, women and persons with disabilities. To improve labor mobility provides for the provision of state support measures to persons who voluntarily relocated to the regions defined by the Government. In particular, they will be provided funds for initial adaptation and for reimbursement of expenses for travel and baggage. This year's planned subsidies for relocation 2.7 thousand citizens", - informed the Vice-Minister.

This year, budget expenditures on the program amounted to 85.3 billion KZT, including 12.1 billion KZT allocated for South Kazakhstan region. In the region of the active employment promotion measures in the framework of the program planned to cover more than 21.1 thousand people.

"Great attention will be paid to the unemployed and unproductive self-employed citizens. Our Ministry, on the basis of official statistical data generated in the context of rural settlements of the list of persons belonging to these categories. This list was sent to all regions, and I know that you have already set up headquarters under the leadership of the Deputy akim of the region, and began work to clarify the status of these citizens. This work should be completed as soon as possible! The status of each citizen will enable us to take targeted measures to engage the unemployed and unproductive self-employed in active measures to promote employment, as well as clearly identify the number of people for whom contributions to the Fund of mandatory social healthcare insurance will pay the state", - summed up Birzhan Nurymbetov.

After conducting the seminar, Birzhan Nurymbetov called for the PSC and the center of employment of the population of Shymkent.

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