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T. Duissenova explained why every citizen must determine his status

T. Duissenova

Today in Astana the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova held a conference on the implementation of the Program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship (hereinafter - the program), which gave a clear clarification of the definition of the status of citizen for involvement of the unemployed and unproductive self-employed Kazakhs in active measures of assistance of employment and ensure full coverage of population with mandatory social healthcare insurance.

The event was attended by Deputy akims of oblasts, Astana and Almaty, heads of managements of coordination of employment and social programs, representatives of employment centers and population service, tax authorities, JSC "Kazpost" and others.

"As you all know, on March 1, we began implementation of the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship. Its main tasks: organization of mass training of citizens in demand occupations to increase their possibilities of self-employment, loans for starting a business or expanding a business, as well as promote employment and support labor mobility.

With the beginning of the program attracted more than 80 thousand persons, from them 31 thousand are employed on permanent jobs, more than 20 thousand young specialists were directed to youth practice and social jobs. Began training on short courses in the near future in 5 regions in a pilot mode will be launched the mobile training centers. Issued 260 microcredit. It figures a month and a half," said Tamara Duissenova.

The Minister added that this year will create more than 634 thousand jobs in the framework of major state and sectoral programs, creating jobs and legal entities and release of jobs in relation to the natural movement of the labor force (retirement, vacation, maternity, etc.). These jobs will be reserved for the unemployed and unproductive self-employed.

"For assistance in finding employment from the state, the citizens must first determine your status, whether they are unemployed or unproductive self-employed. Our Ministry carried out a full reconciliation at the IIN of the total population registered in the state database of individuals with information systems of all state agencies. Now in all regions actively work on clarifying the status of citizens by Podoroga bypass. This work should be completed as soon as possible! The status of each citizen will enable us to take targeted measures to engage the unemployed and unproductive self-employed in active measures to promote employment, as well as clearly identify the number of people for whom contributions to the Fund of mandatory social healthcare insurance will list the state," - said Tamara Duissenova.

According to the head of the MLSP RK, the unemployed citizens can register themselves at the employment center, PSC, rural district akim's place of residence, branch of JSC "Kazpost" or through the portal of "electronic government". All citizens engaged in the informal sector of the economy (the private carting, construction business, services, trade, etc.) must register with the tax bodies at the place of residence.

"Through the portal of "electronic government" in the last two weeks my status said more than 400 thousand people. To simplify the clarification of the status and involvement of the unemployed and unproductive self-employed people in active measures to promote employment in cooperation with the Ministry of information and communications in 237 PSC are organised 272 workstations for specialists of the employment centers. Thus, citizens can register as unemployed, to obtain all necessary information and become participants in the program not only in 199 employment centers, but also in PSC.

From may 1 it is planned to provide such services through the offices of JSC "Kazpost" in localities where there is no rural akims ' offices. Employees of "Kazpost" will come to the place of residence of the citizen and to conduct an interview with him to determine his status, then transmit copies of all supporting documents to the akimat of rural district or center of employment," - said Tamara Duissenova.

During selector meeting the Deputy akims of regions, Astana and Almaty informed the Minister about the implementation of special projects for the preparation of short courses for teachers and professional nannies for children of preschool age; social consultants work to identify persons in need of special social services; training in computer literacy, occupations in demand, the basics of entrepreneurship.

Also discussed the issues of stimulation of voluntary resettlement of Kazakhs from labor-surplus to labor-deficit regions and implementation of information system "e-People" which allows you to keep records of citizens belonging to socially vulnerable categories, as well as the unemployed and self-employed living in rural areas, and to identify support measures for the target population.

Recall from 1 July 2017 monthly contributions and contributions to mandatory social healthcare insurance will provide employers (for their employees) and self-employed persons (for myself). From 1 January 2018 the government will make contributions for children under 18 years, students, full-time students, registered unemployed and citizens belonging to the category of "socially vulnerable layers of the population."

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