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Kazakhstan has developed new national occupation classification


About that today at an extraordinary meeting of the Collegium of the MLSP RK on the implementation of the programmatic article of the President "look into the future: Modernization of public consciousness," said Vice-Minister of labor and social protection of population Birzhan Nurymbetov.

The event was attended by the heads of the MLSP RK, members of the Public Council of the Ministry, representatives of Central state bodies, National chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" Union organizations, heads of structural subdivisions and subordinate organizations of the MLSP RK etc.

"In his article, the Head of state announced the main steps of implementation of the third modernization of Kazakhstan presented in six major areas, based on which, we are again convinced of the importance and necessity of further development of socio-labor sphere. Thus, in the first direction of the "Competitiveness" great attention is paid to the quality of labor resources as the main factor in the success of the nation. The rational use of labor resources on which we work are reflected in the second direction of "Pragmatism." As noted by the Head of state, the ability to live rationally, with a focus on realistic objectives, with a focus on education, healthy lifestyle and professional success – this is pragmatism in behavior. Based on this, we will discuss our Ministry developed the national occupation classification, which is a vital link in the formation of the National qualification system," said Minister of labor and social development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova said, opening the session.

On the new classifier of occupations of the audience informed the Vice-Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov. At the beginning of his speech, he recalled that in his keynote article, the Head of state noted that the technological revolution will lead to the disappearance of half the existing professions in the coming decades. Successful will be those people that are relatively easy to change profession due to the high level of education.

"Effective interaction of the labor market and the education system to create competitive citizens globally is through the implementation of the National qualifications system. In Kazakhstan it is conducted in 2012. During this period state authorities have developed more than 400 professional standards. In the framework of the project of  MLSP RK "workforce Development and stimulate jobs," from 2017 to 2020 will be developed and approved by 550 professional standards on the basis of which education system will be developed the educational program", - said Birzhan Nurymbetov.

According to him, an integral part of the National qualifications system is the classifier of occupations, which enables you to record and systematic analysis of the labor market to develop further government policy in the sphere of education, employment, migration and attracting foreign labor. A classifier contributes to the creation of a system for forecasting staffing needs in the context of specific types of classes that allows to create educational order from the real needs of the market. In addition, it is necessary in the work of employment services in terms of interfacing vacancies employers and job seekers, and career guidance.

"Today, Kazakhstan has a classifier of occupations, developed 12 years ago, so there are a number of difficulties when using it. First of all, it is not sufficiently detailed because it has 4 levels of classification, i.e. in the same core group of classes together diverse profession. For example, a master for the production of oil, gas and condensate and chief Metallurgist combined into one group, although they have completely different responsibilities and tasks. The lack of detail in the collection of statistical information, the current classifier is not possible to fully examine the condition of the labor market, qualitatively to forecast staffing requirements and, accordingly, to form the state educational order. Therefore, it was decided a revision of the current classification of occupations, taking into account best international practices and the current situation on the labor market of Kazakhstan", - noted Vice-Minister.

According to Birzhan Nurymbetov, when developing a new classifier by experts of the MLSP RK had collected more than 2.5 million offers from various domestic organizations, revised all professions are subject to the third modernization of Kazakhstan and the fourth industrial revolution; and added such important professions as technician robotics technician programmer maintenance of industrial robots, engineer-mechatronics, which are in demand in connection with the automation of production.

"The main difference between the new classifier from previous ones is the addition of a 5-level classifications, with the result that we have expanded and detailed classes with up to 426 1313 groups, which bring together more than 12 thousand kinds of occupations (professions and positions). This allowed how to increase the scope of activities. If previously we could say that the country needs to prepare conditionally 200 doctors, and we didn't know their specialization, today we know what are cardiologists, surgeons etc. That is, we will significantly improve the quality of forecasting manpower needs. Provided, however, that the Committee on statistics of MNE of RK will allow for the collection of data on such a granular level," - said the Deputy Minister.


He also noted that along with the classifier of occupations one of the main tools of effective interaction of the labor market and the education system are professional standards. Today there is a practice where industry bodies offer to develop your list of professional standards without considering the relevance of these professions. Therefore, taking into account international experience, it is proposed to develop professional standards in accordance with the classifier of occupations.

"Here the important role of the National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken". NGE, as a major participant in this process, should determine what classes there are professional standards, and for some not. We, in turn, will form a list of activities which do not require the presence of professional standards (for example, unskilled workers), will also work on the compatibility of national classification of occupations with the qualification handbooks. Thus, in conjunction with the NGE, we define the priority for the development of professional standards, considering the perspectives of developing industries and the demand occupations in the labor market.

We also offer in conjunction with the Ministry of education to begin development of a table of conversion keys between classes and professions that will be a common language for labor market and educational system. After approval of the classifier of occupations we will develop a table of conversion keys between the international standard, the old and new classifiers, first and foremost, for the Committee on statistics, so they can gather information in accordance with the new classification," added Birzhan Nurymbetov.

At the end of his speech the Vice-Minister stressed that to achieve your goals you need coordinated participation of all stakeholders.

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