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The implementation of the Program of development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship in the Almaty region allocated more than 9 billion KZT


Today during his working trip to Almaty region Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova held a seminar-meeting on issues of realization of the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship within the clarification of President's address, "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan in global competitiveness".

The event was attended by akims of cities and districts, rural districts, representatives of state bodies, heads of Department of coordination of employment and social programs of the departments of social protection and employment centers, etc.

At the beginning of his speech the head of the MLSP RK reminded that from 1 January 2017 in Kazakhstan, the program on the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship (hereinafter - the program), which is focused on improving the quality and capacity of the human resources through getting in demand on the labor market skills and qualifications, the development of mass entrepreneurship, and the creation of an effective model of labor intermediation. It is aimed at developing specific professional skills of Kazakh citizens on the basis of mass education.

"The target group of the programme are self-employed and unemployed citizens. Today in Kazakhstan there are 2 million 210 thousand self-employed and 445 thousand unemployed, of which about 40% without qualification. In Almaty region the number of self-employed is 280 thousand unemployed 49.4 thousand people," - said Tamara Duissenova.

Just before the end of the year in Kazakhstan will create more than 634 thousand jobs in the framework of major state and sectoral programs, creating jobs and legal entities and release of jobs in relation to the natural movement of the labor force (retirement, vacation, maternity, etc.), of which 74.2 thousand jobs were created in Almaty region.

The first direction provides for mass education, primarily to youth that are in demand on the labor market professions (specialties), including training in the basics of entrepreneurship and computer literacy, including through short-term professional courses.

"Within the first direction of the program will be organized free vocational training on the basis of Vet institutions, which provides for receiving the first working professions for young people aged 15 to 24 years with a training period to 2.5 years. This year it is planned to extend technical and vocational education more than 21 thousand young Kazakhstan citizens, including 1.5 thousand people in Almaty region. For these purposes, provided 308,4 million KZT.

Also on 1 April on the basis of colleges, training centers NCE "Atameken", training centres, companies started short term vocational training of skilled workers in demand on the labor market, occupations and skills (for the period from 1 to 6 months).

Today in the regions launched the 91 project, which will cover more than 16 thousand people. In Almaty region held a training of 6.8 thousand people, 2 thousand of them have already started training. For this purpose incorporated 956,7 million KZT", - said the Minister.

In Akmola, Aktobe region, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Mangystau region in a pilot mode will be tested short-term vocational training through the mobile training centers.

Tamara Duissenova noted that the new program is covered by the microcredit is now not only the rural population but also urban. Loans for program participants in the cities will be issued by the Fund "Damu", and in the villages and small cities Fund support for agriculture and Agrarian credit Corporation. The amount of the loans increased to 18 million KZT for up to 5 years (the livestock and agricultural cooperatives up to 7 years) and annual interest rate to 6%. For loans through the Agricultural credit Corporation introduces the mechanism of loan guarantee: up to 85% for start-up entrepreneurs and up to 50% for existing.

"This year in Almaty region it is planned to issue 500 microcredit, including in cities 140 microcredit in rural areas - 360 micro-credit. For microlending in the region earmarked 3.7 billion. Planned to teach the basics of entrepreneurship 1 thousand 312 people. For these purposes, provided of 90.6 million KZT," - said Tamara Duissenova.

In order to increase the availability of loans reduced the number of documents submitted to obtain them individuals from 30 to 14, and for legal persons - up to 9 documents. 9 areas started the project "Bastau Business" training program participants the basics of entrepreneurship. Today the project covers more than 2 thousand people.

The third direction of the program provides for increased targeted support in employment of certain categories of citizens, increase of mobility of labor resources and development of infrastructure of the labor market.

"We will continue the use of tools such as youth practice and social jobs and public works that are in demand among young people, women and persons with disabilities. In the current year in Almaty region will be employed on social jobs 915 (provided by 183,2 million KZT), the youth practice 1 thousand 55 graduates (360,1 million KZT)", - informed the Minister.

For job search and assistance in selection of personnel provides for the establishment of a Unified information labor Exchange, which will be connected to information systems of government agencies, a database of private employment agencies, all employment centers to provide job seekers employment assistance.

To improve labor mobility provides for the provision of state support measures to persons who voluntarily relocated to the regions defined by the Government. In particular, they will be provided funds for initial adaptation and for reimbursement of expenses for travel and baggage. This year's planned subsidies for relocation 2.7 thousand citizens.

"A special role in the implementation of the program is given to governors at the local level. So, the mayors of districts and cities of regional importance will assist in the implementation of direction and action on the ground, together with the regional chambers of entrepreneurs to define a map specialization of regions and localities, to coordinate the creation of new jobs, to promote employment of the unemployed and to create an enabling environment for citizens ' involvement in entrepreneurship. Akims of villages, settlements, cities of regional value and regions composed of cities will directly ensure the implementation of measures in the field, i.e. carry out advocacy work, to advise persons wishing to participate in the program, to participate in mobile groups producing lists of students to notify individuals enrolled in training, and monitoring of persons involved in the directions of the program", - said Tamara Duissenova.

This year, budget expenditures on the program amounted to 85.3 billion KZT, including 9,1 billion KZT was allocated to Almaty region.

In the framework of the working trip the Minister will visit the public service center of Taldykorgan, where he will familiarize with work of specialists of the employment center.

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