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In Kazakhstan on social support of veterans GPW allocated over 1 billion KZT


The Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan together with local Executive bodies are taking active measures of social support of veterans of the great Patriotic war (hereinafter - GPW).

Since the beginning of this year in Kazakhstan from the funds of local budgets and sponsorship on measures of social support of veterans GPW sent 1 billion 97 million tenge (from the local budget - 971,3 million tenge, sponsorship is 125,7 million tenge).

As of may 3, one-time financial assistance 39.1 thousand to the amount of 838,2 million tenge; 8.2 thousand veterans paid utilities in the amount of 205.9 million tenge; 52 veteran provided fuel for the amount of 821,3 thousand tenge; 56,2 thousand veterans are provided with preferential medicines to the amount of 296,4 million tenge; 476 veterans has made dentures in the amount of 11.8 million tenge; 5.8 thousand veterans were provided a reduced fare in passenger transport, intercity and interregional messages in the amount of 30.6 million tenge; 4.9 thousand veterans subscribed to periodicals in the amount of 16.1 million tenge.

Over 6.7 thousand veterans received other types of assistance (services of a social taxi, hairdressers, bathhouses, installing cable, etc.) in the amount of 226.5 million tenge.

Annually increase the size of pensions and other social payments.

As of 1 January 2017, the average cumulative amount of social payments made to GPW veterans – 114 655 tenge; for disabled world GPW – 118 499 KZT; persons equal to participants of the second GPW – 109 176 KZT; persons equal to invalids of the second GPW – 81 798 KZT; persons who worked in the rear during GPW – 71 637 tenge.

Medical care to veterans GPW is provided free of charge within the guaranteed volume of free medical care, both at the national and regional levels.

Today in the Republic of inpatient care veterans receive in 2 specialized Republican hospitals for the disabled and veterans GPW (Astana and Almaty), in specialized departments of city and regional hospitals, which provide special service to the chamber.

In addition, in the framework of the Unified national healthcare system on the principle of free choice of GPW veterans receive high-quality healthcare in any national medical organization.

The conditions for the rehabilitation of veterans GPW  in day hospitals and hospitals at home, including singles and non-transportable.

To date, 850 veterans living in medical and social institutions stationary type, 349 veterans received services in medical and social institutions semi-permanent type of sanatorium-resort treatment is provided 877 veterans.

Technical auxiliary (compensatory) and obligatory hygienic means according to the individual rehabilitation program was presented to the 86 veterans in the amount of 30.2 million tenge.

Organizations, home-based care state and non-state forms of ownership of social services were provided to 8 503 lonely and lonely living veterans, including 70 invalids of the second GPW, 199 GPW veterans, 21 person, equated to invalids of the second GPW, 146 persons equalized to GPW veterans, 137 widows of soldiers killed soldiers in GPW, 875 5 workers, 2 055 other veterans.

On the eve of the 72th anniversary of the Victory in GPW, the local Executive authorities prepared action plans to provide support to veterans and their honour, which provide for the carrying out of the order of 400 events across the country.

Today the country is home to 2 776 participants and invalids of the second GPW, 157 679 war workers, 194 citizens who worked during the blockade in Leningrad, 487 of former juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, ghetto and other places of detention 7 806 wives of deceased disabled of the great Patriotic war, 80 remarried spouses of servicemen, partisans, underground fighters who died (missing) in GPW, 778 other categories of citizens who contributed to the Victory.

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