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In Kazakhstan launched a large-scale work on the formation of accessible environment for persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities

Government House

Today in Astana at the Government meeting addressed the issue of the commitments made in the framework of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities requires the implementation of all civil rights against the handicapped. Determined by 36 thousand of socially significant objects representing vital services to persons with disabilities. 18,4 thousand of them (or 63.6%) were deemed inaccessible. The level of adaptation clinics, hospitals, schools and social service centres reaches of 62.4 %.

A measure of availability of transport infrastructure is less than 50 %. To solve this problem in Kazakhstan is actively developing the services of social taxi. With the inclusion of hessitates, the number of taxis over the past two years increased by 8 times (11 to 89). Annually social taxi companies serve more than 27 thousand persons with disabilities.

More than 16 thousand citizens with disabilities received services of an individual assistant and a specialist of sign language for working and studying persons with disabilities. The measures taken provided the increase is partially available objects of social and transport infrastructure for people with disabilities from 20 to 62.4 %.

In 2016, it was revealed more than 4.4 thousand children with various hearing impairment and to take against them measures of early medical response. The total number of children with disabilities is 79 thousand and unfortunately remains quite high.

According to statistics, about 400 thousand people employed in harmful and severe working conditions, are at high risk of occupational diseases and employment injuries, leading to disability.

266 thousand people with disabilities are testimony to the labor, of which 130 million (48 %) are employed in the labour market.

The revised quota of employment of persons with disabilities. If earlier it was 3% for all, now it is differentiated from 2 to 4 % by number of employees and by industry. (460 Kazakh people with disabilities working in the state Corporation "Government for citizens", 141 public Association and organizations producing and supplying 22 names of goods, works and services;

First, the de-monopolization of the service due to the wide application of PPP mechanisms. Today, along with 110 nursing homes, special social services are provided by many private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations. They covered more than 6 thousand persons in need of social services (for which it would be necessary to build 60 new homes). Eliminated the queue of children with psychoneurological pathologies.

626 children in nursing homes, returned to the family (or freed up almost 6 orphanages), and receive services in day offices homes or in private centers of social service.

Inclusive education is about 43% of children with disabilities. Conditions for inclusive education established in 495 preschools, 3 289 schools (45,1 thousand people), 163 colleges (2.4 thousand persons), 5 Universities (374 people). There are 97 special schools and 1 155 special classes in secondary schools, 42 kindergartens and special 193 special groups in mass preschools.

In Kazakhstan established a Coordination Council in the field of social protection of the disabled under the Government, comprising 16 disabled people or 64% of the total number of members of the Council:

- in 2016 in the country 35 people with disabilities were elected in the regional, city and district maslikhats.

- in all areas of the Councils for the disabled at the local level, considering and deciding on all matters relating to the rights of persons with disabilities;

- 37 councillors appointed akims of oblasts, cities, areas for the disabled.

According to the results of a sample survey of the statistics Committee of Kazakhstan, 46.3% of persons with disabilities praised the attitude of the population towards the problems of persons with disabilities (in 2015 this figure was only 5 %).

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