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State labor inspectors has defended the rights of more than 7 thousand Kazakh workers

labor inspectors

As of may 1, 2017, state labor inspectors in 528 companies in the Republic of revealed arrears of wages to 9.4 thousand employees in the amount of more than 1.1 billion KZT. The leaders of these enterprises were issued 461 order, binding, and imposed fines totaling more than 59 million KZT.

In the result of adopted measures, including establishing strict schedules and terms of repayment of arrears of wages, protected the rights of over 7 thousand employees. They paid 867,7 million KZT.

Overall, over the past year, state labor inspectors carried out inspections of 1549, 1844 revealed various violations of labor law and imposed a fine in the amount of 65.6 million KZT.

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