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In the public reception party "Nur Otan" held a reception of citizens on social and labor issues

Nur Otan

Today in the Republican public reception party "Nur Otan", Vice-Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov held a public reception.

As the analysis of the received requests, a lot of questions for obtaining disability for health reasons, labor disputes between employer and employee, employment, pensions etc. they were All carefully considered by the Ministry of labor and social protection of RK, each of them were given appropriate explanations.

"The majority of complaints, as a rule, connected with violation of labor laws. Violations, unfortunately, are many. It often happens that the Kazakhs do not know their rights, do not immediately turn to the labor Inspectorate", - stated Vice-Minister.

For example,among addressed to the public reception - a mother who got a job through the employment center, and is now afraid of losing the place because of claims the employer to the state of her healthcare. "Inspectors will monitor compliance with labor rights and compliance actions of the employer, the legislation of Kazakhstan. The situation is taken under control", - said B. Nurymbetov.

Following the meeting, the Vice-Minister assured that all the petitions, adopted today, will be given detailed explanations and provided required assistance in their solution.

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