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Today marks World Day Against Child Labor

Child Labor

Annually on June 12, World Day Against Child Labor is celebrated. In Kazakhstan, a purposeful policy is being implemented to eliminate the worst forms of child labor, including slavery, dangerous work and other illegal activities.

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan establishes restrictions on the use of minors' work and provides for criminal and administrative responsibility for involving children in the worst forms of child labor.

As noted by the Chief State Labor Inspector of the Republic of Kazakhstan Akmadi Sarbasov: "The rights of minors are an important factor in monitoring compliance with the law. In most cases, the violation of labor laws on the involvement of minors is found in small business organizations, especially in catering establishments. "

In Almaty this year, the fact of getting an industrial injury by a minor employee at a construction site was revealed. It was established that the minor was admitted to work without the conclusion of an employment contract with him.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population asks Kazakhstani citizens to immediately signal about all cases of using minors' labor with a report to the Labor Inspectorate in order to observe the labor rights of the people of Kazakhstan.

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