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Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova reported to the Public Council

public council

In Astana was held the meeting of the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan and of the Public Council under the Ministry, during which the Minister of labor and social protection Tamara Duissenova told about the done in 2016, the work and the tasks of the Ministry for further upgrading activities.

By the end of 2016 participating in the employment Program were more than 198 thousand people of Kazakhstan, which employs almost 170 thousand people and 28 thousand received temporary employment. About 7.3 million people covered by vocational training, 10 thousand people had the opportunity to open or expand their business, when it was created more than 8.8 thousand jobs. 5.7 million in completed infrastructure projects have employed about 41 thousand people, in settlements with high economic potential were resettled more than 1 thousand.

On the ground continues to be implemented a Comprehensive plan to promote employment, it allowed in 2016 and to employ more than 474 thousand people, while more than half were employed in permanent jobs (255 thousand people).

According to Tamara Duissenova: “In terms of prospects one of the main tasks is ensuring of Kazakhstan economy with qualified and competitive human resources. One of the directions of this strategy is training, creating the opportunity of receiving the profession of the unemployed and self-employed citizens. Thus we solve several problems and long - term sustainable development and short-term - already influencing the level of unemployment.”

With this end in September, 2017 21 thousand Kazakhstanis will be directed to free training in College for 2.5 years, with scholarships and a one-time hot meals, which, besides, financial assistance for travel and accommodation for non-residents . About 26 thousand people this year to be trained on short courses. In 5 regions in a pilot mode (Akmola, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Mangistau, Kostanai regions) will be tested the use of mobile training centers for training of persons living in remote rural areas.  

In addition to the training plans of the Ministry of labor ensuring the availability of microcredit for self-employed and unemployed citizens and teaching them the basics of entrepreneurship, and strengthening targeted support for employment of separate categories of citizens, increase of mobility of labor resources and development of infrastructure of the labor market.

For today temporary support measures covered about 77 thousand people who have received different types of benefits. For example, 672 families (2019 people) who settled in the Northern region of Kazakhstan, already receive subsidies for relocation, rent and utilities for the program increase of mobility of labor resources.

In addition, as part of the modernization of the labor market, the Ministry created a single online platform - electronic labor Exchange, covering all vacancies and all the settlements.

Electronic labor Exchange will include a unified system of socio-labor sphere, information systems of government agencies, a database of private employment agencies, the Internet portal. It will be extended to all employment centers of regions, which will enhance the provision of employment services. By the way, to function the exchange will begin this fall.

During the meeting they also discussed questions of social sphere, including social services.

As a result of purposeful work of the Ministry of labor and social protection more than 6 thousand people receive special social services, 626 children from orphanages back into families and 693 mothers of such children were employed in the labor market.

 The plans of the Ministry - ensuring the availability of services in the places of residence of citizens. In this regard, in Kazakhstan it is planned to build a house of social services in the places of residence of citizens, which can be branches of existing health and social organizations opened or prepared in the framework of employment Programs consultants or social workers. The implementation of this project will decide will significantly improve the lives of people with needs for social services and rural. Thus there will be possibility of employment of women approaching retirement age themselves individuals with disabilities.

After hearing the results of the 2016 and 2017 plans, the Public Council chaired by Gulnara Jumageldiyeva, Vice-Chairman of Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan approved the report of the Minister.

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