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In Astana was held the meeting of the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan with Kazakhstan

reporting meeting

In Astana was held the meeting of the Minister of labor and social protection of the population, while the Kazakhs received answers to many questions received over the months.

During his speech, Minister of labor and social protection Tamara Duissenova presented a detailed report on the results of the work of the Ministry in the past year and shared plans for the near future.

“In 2016 for pensions for 2 million of Kazakhs was directed over $ 1 trillion. tenge. The average size of pensions, including basic payments, accounted for 55 117 billion or 43.7% of the average monthly wage last year (which corresponds to ILO recommendations). From 1 July 2017, on behalf of the Head of the state, the pension increases will average 20%”6 – the Minister noted.

In addition, in 2016 25% increase in the size of state social benefits for disability and loss of breadwinner. This increase affected about 690 thousand people.

Continued modernization of the system of social service, as a result of:

- expanded access to social services,

- eliminated the queue in the children's psychoneurological house-boarding schools;

- provision of services close to the places of residence of consumers;

- created conditions for choice citizens service organizations.

Now, along with 110 healthcare and social organizations, special social services are provided by 106 NGO. They covered more than 6 thousand people. Over the past period, 626 children from orphanages back into families and 693 mothers of such children were employed.

To provide additional support to socially vulnerable categories of citizens from the Republican budget to the budgets of the regions allocated more than 7 billion tenge in targeted transfers.

From 1 July 2017, the amount of the lump sum on the birth of a child will increase by 20 %. Thus, the size at birth of the first, second, third priority child will be 86 222 tenge, and the birth in the family of the fourth or more children -142 947 tenge. Adopt comprehensive measures had a positive impact on the demographic situation in the country. For comparison, in 2003 the country was born 248 thousand children, in 2016 - already 400,2 thousand children.

Tamara Duisenova told about the stages of implementation of Targeted social assistance to the new format, which not only combine three existing grant (which is three times will reduce the volume of documents necessary to receive it), but the size will be above 25% of their total amount. Thus, for low-income families with able-bodied members from the state will be provided additional support during participation in the employment Program, in the form:

- payment of training expenses

- subsidy of 35 % of salary for social jobs,

- payment of youth practice for graduates of educational institutions,

- or in the form of microcredit

During the meeting they discussed issues of labor issues and migration.

In Kazakhstan in 2016, has introduced a new remuneration system for civil servants. The increase in education was 29% healthcare - 18% - in social sphere, culture and other fields, salaries have increased by an average of 35 %, just covered more than a million people.

In the implementation of the new Labor code in the past year, organizations have created more than 11 thousand industrial security and labor protection.

Regional and branch Councils for the prevention and resolution of collective labor disputes. Began the practice of their resolution in the order of pre-trial in 2016 778 mediators resolved conflicts.

As a result of the Ministry of measures in 2016, the debt repaid in the amount of 6.8 billion tenge and protected the rights of over 48 thousand employees.

From 1 January 2016 a strengthened management requirements for the certification of production objects on working conditions. In 2016, almost 1.5 thousand Kazakhstani enterprises have implemented international and national standards for security and safety. There is a steady trend of reducing injuries in the workplace.

Increased migration mobility of the population inside the country has increased the volume of inter-regional and regional migration. Over the past three years in internal migration the average was attended by 455 thousand.

In order to protect the domestic labor market, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016, the quota for attraction to the Republic of foreign specialists is 0.7% of the economically active population of Republic, which represented 63 thousand units (2017 - 0,6%, to 54 thousand units).

3 768 enterprises, attracting foreign labor force in 2016, working 470,4 thousand Kazakhstan citizens that is 94 % of the total number of employees.

In the implementation of the Plan "100 steps", the Law also envisages the creation of favourable migration regime for example USA, Canada, Australia to attract highly qualified specialists from abroad. From 1 January 2017 changed the procedure for attraction of foreign labor, self-employment and intra-corporate transfer.

To attract foreign professionals companies first introduced a tax levy. For 5 months 2017 local Executive bodies more than 10 thousand permits for attracting foreign labor force in the country, employers paid into the budget of 3.2 billion tenge fees.

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