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15.5 thousands of people have asked for state help with employment this year

Kyzylorda region

As of June 1, 2017 15.5 thousand inhabitants of Kyzylorda oblast (of which 99.2% of the unemployed) have addressed this year in the employment centers for state assistance with employment (the average for Kazakhstan the share of unemployed among the participants of the program of development of productive employment and entrepreneurship mass of 84.3%).

Of those who applied was 11.1 thousand people (71.6 per cent) provided measures to promote employment under the state employment Program. Including 5.3 thousand or 47.8% are employed in permanent jobs.

In the framework of the programme of technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training are planned for this year training with technical and vocational education in the amount of 1 515 people and providing short term vocational training and more than 3 518 people.

In the region identified 20 colleges and vocational schools for training 30 demanded working specialities and professions. Just Kyzylordinskiy region by results of work of the mobile groups, identified about 1.5 million young people from among the unsuccessful threshold UNT, and without a professional education. They begin their training from September 1 this year.

Territorial employment centers planned to employ

505 people to social jobs and sent to youth practice 905 graduates. As of 22 June this year in the region on social jobs employed 584 persons, on youth practice 849 people.

In the framework of state support of development of mass entrepreneurship, as of 24 June in Kyzylorda oblast issued on the 16th of microcredit.

For first-time business starters, in the framework of the project "Bastau Business", teaching the basics of entrepreneurship. Today they covered 394 (43,0% of the plan 937 people), all of which have finished monthly courses.

The project "Bastau Business" had reached 5.9 thousand people, of which 5.5 thousand have completed the training.

According to official data of the Committee on statistics of MNE of RK on the results of the 1st quarter of this year, the labor force (economically active population) in Kyzylorda region amounted to 331,4 thousand.

The number of employed population made up of 315.5 thousand people, of which 112,1 thousand people are considered self-employed population.

Over the same period unemployment stood at 4.8%, the level of youth unemployment (aged 15-28 years) is 3.2%.

The compared to the beginning of 2017 there was a decrease in the number of employees is 3.5 thousand people.

According to local Executive bodies on June 1 in the employment agencies registered as unemployed 5.5 thousand people.

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