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In the North Kazakhstan region there will take place Days of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the RK

North Kazakhstan region

Between  29 June and 1 July In the North Kazakhstan region there will take place Days of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the RK, during which area residents will get direct consultations from senior executives of the Ministry.

According to the Minister, Tamara Duysenova: “events of such format will allow us to provide methodological support to the territorial employment centers in public awareness activities organization.” First of all, it concerns to our citizens who, because of their ages and other reasons  do not use on-line resources to obtain services and information ".

Detailed consultation about gradual increase of pensions and benefits, and specifics of the new methodology of appointing the basic pension, also clarified the possibilities afforded by the programmes aimed at developing productive employment and large-scale business will be given during the meetings with the citizens”

On 1 july  under the leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the RK Tamara Duysenova, there will be meetings with the employers on signed memorandums about employment protection, with akims of rural districts for population services  under the framework of the “Е-Халық” programme, the introduction of the new format of targeted social assistance to the “Өрлеу” programme.

The issues of protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, to provide specialized social services for residents with disabilities and adapting facilities for accessibility to persons with disabilities, will be mentioned separately . During the meeting with non-governmental organizations, that provide special social services and active associations of persons with disabilities, will be discussed the concept for reforming the system of social services.

The Minister is planning visits in a number of areas of the North-Kazakhstan region, during which there will be meetings with youth and the front line of rural districts to solve problems for local residents.

The management of the Ministry has decided to hold the reception of citizens in the regions, in order to clarify the rights of Kazakhs in the sphere of labour legislation and opportunities for various forms of assistance from the State. That’s why the Days of the Ministry of labour and social Protection will be held in all regions of our country. 

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