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Today began a visitof the Minister of labour and social protection, Tamara Dujsenova, of North-Kazakhstan region


Within Days of the Ministry of labour and social protection of population, today began a visit of the Minister of labour and social protection Tamara Dujsenovoj of North-Kazakhstan region.

Akim SKR Kumar Aksakalov with Tamara Makulbek visited aul Baiterek  in Kyzylzhar district, where a hostel for immigrants from the South of Kazakhstan were built.

Dealing with new residents, Tamara Makulbek said:

"In the past year, the number of internally displaced persons exceeded 610 thousand, compared with the year 2010 more at 1.7 times. With more than 26 thousand vacancies reported by employers remain open. The Government helps study demanded professions, allowing either open their own businesses, with our assistance, or employment vacancies.

By the way, this year's graduates candidates who have obtained the required marks on the UNT, there is the possibility of free training in technical and vocational education institutions in over 2.5 years at the expense of the State. In addition to the course fees for students provided hot meals, scholarship for academic and for nonresident-financial assistance for travel and accommodation, that opens up the possibility of moving to other regions. "

For Kazakhs from densely populated areas, as State support measures for voluntary resettlement, provided subsidies for relocation to cover the rental housing costs and utility bills. 

Decisions of the Government identified 4 regions disposals and 7 regions citizens arrival, and for 2017 allocated quota of 2.7 thousand people. 

This spring, in the South Kazakhstan and Mangistau regions were interregional job fair among employers in a region of arrival. Following the results  memorandums  of interregional cooperation (RMS, EKR, Kostanai, Pavlodar region) were signed. Previously, 672 families (2019 persons) have expressed their desire for voluntary resettlement in the northern and central regions with employment on offer in the course of fairs jobs vacancies. 

Within the framework of Minister visit, besides to a mission  to Kyzylzhar region,  a number of activities  were planned,  in order to  explain the social and labor reforms to the population, also the meeting with the akims of districts and rural districts to promote the use of the program "E-Halyk," allowing people in remote areas receive government services without leaving regional centers.

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