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Tamara Duissenova has reviewed the social service Center and the employment Center of Astana city

the social service Center of Astana

The Minister of labor and social protection of population Tamara Duisenova, together with the Deputy Akim of Astana Andrei Lukin has called for the social services Centre "Nurly Zhurek" and the employment Center of Astana city, where the Deputy akim presented the work of local Executive bodies to improve services provided to citizens. During the trip, Minister Tamara duysenova has approved the work done and was advised to make some changes for further modernization of the centers.

In “Nurly Zhurek” Tamara Kasymovna told about results of work of the Ministry in the development of social services: “We are now developing a concept of further modernization of the system of social services, proposals for which can make any NGO, any citizen of Kazakhstan, parents of children with disabilities. The gradual structural transformation in this area is with 2009. On the first and second stages of modernization expanded access to social services, eliminated the queue in the children's psychoneurological house-boarding schools, provision of services close to the places of residence of the consumers that created the conditions for choice citizens service organizations.
Now, along with 110 healthcare and social organizations, special social services are provided by 106 NGO. They covered more than 6,000 people. And if we are not involved in the provision of services to non-governmental organizations, we would have to build at least 60 houses boarding schools.
Over the years 626 children from orphanages back into families and 693 mothers of such children were employed. While this is perhaps not so much, but for a particular family, for each child, which was separated from the family – to return home, to your society, this is the main result of our work”.
Social services center "Nurly Zhurek" of the Akimat of Astana city on a permanent basis is eight kinds of special social services, including domestic, medical, psychological, educational, employment, cultural, legal and economic services. In October 2016, the Center opened a second case for equipment day stay. All in all, the Center will provide social services for 250 people. By the way, in the center of the planned opening of the housing equipment the day of stay for persons over 18 years that will help to give the opportunity to find employment many parents of children with certain physical limitations.
With the beginning of the year at MPI "the employment Center of the akimat of Astana city" for assistance in finding work requested 8525. Of these, 4763 person or 56% benefited from the measures of social protection against unemployment. 2686 people were employed to permanent jobs, social jobs 162 and youth practice 409 people. Still 1232 people were provided temporary employment and 262 people were sent on short-term professional training in popular disciplines. To date, the database of the Center of employment of Astana population was 1125 employers who provide more than 8 thousand vacancies.
In addition, the job search from among the persons with disabilities turned 370 people of which are affected by measures of social protection against unemployment 305. A permanent job employed 92 people, on public works sent to 199 people, on social jobs employed 6 people, of youth practice passing 5 people and 6 people were sent to vocational training.
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