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The Ministry of labor and social protection held meetings with the population in the city Zhetіsay South Kazakhstan region


On 26 July in South Kazakhstan region for the first time are the Days of the Ministry of labor and social protection of RK.

Today the staff of the Ministry work was continued in Zhetіsay  Makhtaral'sk the area where the meeting was attended by 114 people. After the meeting leading experts of the Ministry of labor held a personal reception of citizens. Seek advice residents interested in questions of appointment and payment of pensions solidarity, the order of appointment and payment of targeted social assistance to the new format for able-bodied persons from low-income families, provision of social protection measures and possibilities of providing additional residential facilities for mothers of large families having nine or more children.

Especially people interested in participating in the development Program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship, “Orleu”.

At the request of employers Makhtaral'sk district has 200 vacancies, of which 100 vacancies for public works, 40 places of permanent jobs and 60 seats on the youth practice.

Applied to persons assisted in employment on vacant jobs to the unemployed and do not have a specialty in demand at job vacancies were referred to a short-term study.

In addition, employees of social protection of population was held podvorovoy bypass the women's retirement age and the understanding of the opportunities which the state provides.

Among seeking advice residents Zhetіsay  have questions about moving to Northern regions in the framework of the project of mobility of labor resources.

After intake of the population, the working group was carried out in the center of employment of the population in Makhtaral'sk district.

The employment center staff got acquainted with the work of the unified information system social and labor sphere of the labor MLSPP and the newly-developed algorithm of the process of reception of citizens on questions of employment.

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