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The Government discussed the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship

the Government meeting

Today, the Government held a briefing Deputy Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Birzhan Nurymbetov, at which he informed about the implementation of the Program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship.

According to Birzhan Nurymbetov "today for participation in the Program appealed 276,2 thousand people, including 248,4 thousand persons or 90% is included in the conference Program.

From the number included in the composition of the participants are unemployed – 200,0 thousand people (80,5%), self-employed – 48,4 thousand persons (19.5%).

At the reporting date employed 213,9 thousand people, of whom 83.4% of the MPC or have 178,3 thousand.

A permanent job employed, 56.1%  of the total number of employed (of 119.9 thousand people)".

Only in the framework of the development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship in 2017, it is proposed to 85.3 billion.

The first direction of the Program provides the provision of technical and vocational education and short professional training.

About 21 thousand young people will be focused on training in Supposedly for 2.5 years, with payment of their education, subsistence allowances, travel and provision of disposable hot meals through the Program.

From 1 April this year launched short-term vocational training of skilled workers in demand on the labor market, occupations and skills. To date, short-term courses aimed 27.7 thousand people.

Signed a Memorandum of relationship and cooperation between the NCE "Atameken" and the Ministry. Today went to register the NCE "Atameken" 39 enterprises.

Today started training in the training centers employers in Almaty and Kyzylorda regions.

In 5 regions (Akmola, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Mangistau, Kostanai regions) in a pilot mode will be tested short-term vocational training through the mobile training centers.

Today in Aktobe, Kostanay and Mangistau regions signed contracts with suppliers for the supply of mobile training centres, and in Akmola and East Kazakhstan regions and conducted tender procedures.

The second direction involves the development of mass entrepreneurship.

To this end, the new Program expanded the geography of microcredit included along with the village and the city.

Increased maximum loan amount to 18 million tenge, timing determined under 5 years and cases of occupation animal husbandry or the creation of agricultural cooperatives up to 7 years, the nominal rate of the loan for the final borrower has no more than 6% per annum.

The Program involved financial institutions – the Fund "Damu", a subsidiary of the NMH "KazAgro" - JSC "Fund for financial support of agriculture", JSC "agro credit Corporation", JSC the Company.

In order to expand the availability of credit introduced a mechanism to guarantee loans of up to 85% for beginners and 50 % for existing entrepreneurs, the law in the "Regulations of microcredit in rural areas", (approved by order of the Ministry of agriculture), reduced the number of documents to be submitted for micro credit for individuals from 30 to 14, and for legal persons - up to 9 documents.

For 7 months in the village issued 3 102 microcredit, including through FFSA – of 2 581 people, through ACC (through MO and CP) – 521 people. Including 1 886 persons received microcredit funds a new Program or 32,5% of the plan (5800 microcredit).

The greatest number of microcredits noted in South Kazakhstan (922 microcredit) and Pavlodar (144 microcredit).

The third direction involves the development of the labor market through promotion of employment and labor mobility.

The third direction in promoting employment of the unemployed and self-employed employed more than 213 thousand people, aimed at social jobs 18 thousand people or a 109.7 % of the plan, about 61 thousand people for public works or 78,5 % of the plan, 15 thousand young specialists are involved in "youth practice" or 88.2 % of the plan, and about 120 thousand people employed within employment Centers to fill the positions employers.

In the framework of measures to enhance labor mobility, for the purpose of practical implementation of the Program, scheduled 5 interregional business forums in labor-surplus regions of the country with the participation of employers in the Northern and Central regions.

This year held an interregional job fair in South Kazakhstan, Mangystau and Almaty oblasts, with the participation of employers in the regions of arrival.

As of August 1 of the current year relocated 442 families, of which 172 of the family is internally displaced persons from labor-surplus regions.

The Program is planned to introduce a number of additional incentives voluntary resettlement of citizens:

- subsidies for displaced persons for relocation and rent (lease) of housing, and for employers willing to take on a permanent job of immigrants with all matters of their construction;

- the simplified system of granting loans and subsidies to immigrants through JSC "Zhilstroysberbank";

- all displaced persons land for doing gardening, commercial and agricultural land on the right of gratuitous land without competition with the right of prolongation;

- providing grants for the implementation of new business ideas after training on the project "Business-Bastau" in the region disposal.

- inclusion of the graduates in the project «Mangіlіk el zhastary – industriyaga!» («Serpіn – 2050»)  of the Program participants regardless of place of origin.

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