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The days of labor in Mangystau region - results of the first day

Tupkaragan region

From August 11 this year in Mangystau region have started Days of the Ministry of labour and social protection of the population.

Representatives of the Ministry work started with Tupkaragan district, where a meeting was held with the population in the local akimat.

Working group members present inhabitants were given explanations:

- the current pension system of Kazakhstan, as well as the ongoing modernization it is - increase pensions and benefits by 20 % this year, the gradual increase in the retirement age for women in 2018, a change in the criteria for the assignment of the basic pension, the introduction of a 5% compulsory pension contributions of the employer;

- on measures of state support for the employability and employment,

- fundamental reforms in the sphere of social assistance.

After the meeting, was carried out reception of citizens.

Residents raised their concerns, for example: employment, financial aid, assistance in conducting repair homes, early withdrawal of pension savings.

In the second half of the day was done leaving the employment Center and the Department of state Corporation Tupkaragan district, where a meeting was held with the staff and provided technical assistance for the organization of engaging poor people in project "Orleu" development of productive employment and the massive business and of providing the composite service "Registration of the unemployed and the appointment of social payments in case of job loss".

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