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Astana hosted a meeting of the members of the Public Council under the Ministry of labour and social protection of population

Public Council

15 Aug 2017 held a meeting of the members of the Public Council under the Ministry of labour and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan with participation of the Chairman of the trade Union of health workers Butina Mereke Sagimbaevna  and Vice-Chairman of OO "the national trade Union of workers of education and science", a member of the public Council of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bezhanarov Viktor Fedorovich presentation of the draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on social security".

During the meeting were presented the main amendments and additions in acting legislation of Kazakhstan. So, it is planned to make changes and additions to the 19 normative legal acts (3 of the Code and 16 Laws, the list is attached).

The head of state in his Message to the people of Kazakhstan from November 30, 2015 "Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reform and development" was awarded the task of better targeting of state support to needy citizens on the basis of assessment of their income and living conditions. In this regard, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan was tasked to develop a new social policy by optimizing the social security system.

In the concept of social development of Kazakhstan till 2030, approved by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 24 April 2014 № 396, noted that the updated regulatory framework will be the basis of the effectiveness of the system of state management of social processes and the successful implementation of new initiatives in the social sphere.

The adoption of the bill due to the need to improve social legislation in terms of the ordering of social guarantees for certain categories of citizens, as well as resolving conflicts, gaps and bringing the provisions into line with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Conceptual amendments and additions associated with:

- specify the conditions for providing social support in terms of extending the application of standards for additional pay and additional paid holiday to citizens, having the status of victims of nuclear tests on Semipalatinsk the proving nuclear ground and living in areas of radioactive contamination;

- the changes are of editorial and explanatory nature in order to assure uniform interpretation of the rules on reimbursement of costs of utilities and fuels specialists of the state organizations of health care, social security, education, culture, sports and veterinary medicine social areas, living and working in rural settlements.

The whole bill of the members of the Public Council and representatives of trade Union organizations approved, subject to drafting changes proposed as part of the rules establishing the right to purchase fuel and cover costs for utilities specialists of social sphere in rural areas.

Changed on 16 August, 2017 - 21:21
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