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The representatives of the MLSPP RK summed up the interim results of the modernization of the social sector and announced plans for further development in this direction


In Astana held a briefing with participation of Deputy Minister of labor and social protection Svetlana Zhakupova and Vice-Chairman of the Committee of labor, social protection and migration Anarkhan Dyusenova.

According to Svetlana Zhakupova: "the Ministry is systematically working on quality of rendering special social services to improve the level of qualifications of social workers, development of infrastructure of social services.

For the period 2009-2017, the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan was developed and introduced standards for the provision of special social services to disabled children with psychoneurological diseases, in 2010 - for individuals with these types of diseases over the age of 18, in 2011 - for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the elderly, in 2012 - for persons without a certain residence, in 2016 for victims of trafficking, 2017 for victims of domestic violence.

Back in 2008, houses boarding schools for children with psychoneurological diseases were about 2.5 million children and 2 million children were waiting for admission to these homes.

Currently, the database 110 stationary functioning of orphanages opened more than 50 day care centers, whose services are covered more than 5 thousand children and persons over 18 years. More than half increased the number of departments of social assistance at home. They serve today, about 43.7 per thousand elderly persons and persons with disabilities, and more than 13 thousand children with disabilities. About 3 thousand children with disabilities receive services in terms of equipment and at home in non-governmental organizations that have received a social order on providing special social services. The provision of social services outsourced to the private sector, developing a volunteer movement".

Thanks to the work of the Ministry of labor and social security modified the funding scheme. Until 2009, the specialized agencies are funded not on the basis of standard costs and estimated costs. The amount of funding available, depending on the capabilities of the local budget, there were significant regional differences (the cost of services provided in nursing homes for persons with neuropsychiatric diseases ranged from 1 to 164 tenge in Mangistau region by 3 781 tenge in Astana). Today, funding is based on the types and scope of special social services and the number of recipients of services. This helped to overcome regional differences (with the exception of costs associated with the maintenance of buildings) and expanded the rights of special institutions in terms of rational planning and the targeted allocation of resources for the implementation of the commitments of the state social service of the population

Starting from 1 January 2016, 70% of the pensions and benefits of persons who are on full state support in nursing homes, is sent to cover the cost of maintaining them. It was found that pensions remaining patients, should not be less than minimum pension, and the disabled – not below the subsistence minimum, citizens have the choice of a social service organization and introduced the principle of co-financing costs.

In the programme article, "looking to the future: the Modernization of public consciousness", MLSPP RK prepared a new Concept of development of system of social services. It is developed based on the results of previous transformations and quality, which is an example for us is the experience of developed countries with high human development index. The concept touches on 7 key areas of modernization, including issues of staffing. In order to improve recruitment, the Ministry plans to develop Professional standards for social workers. On the basis of professional standards will be revised educational standards for organizations that provide training and retraining of personnel.

It is also planned to create a Unified database of social workers that will enable the service recipients to choose social workers, and increase competition among them. Our database will contain information on the qualifications of social workers, the types of services they provide, their level of provision and outcomes.

In order to boost motivation will be spent improving the wages of workers due to changes in funding mechanism. Then there will be developed a system of performance indicators of professional activity of specialists of social sphere. Remuneration will depend on the assessment of skills of specialists, the level of professional competence and quality of performance of official duties.

With the aim of digitalizing the planned creation of a Unified information system social and labor sphere within the sixth area, which will consist of 6 subsystems. In the System will contain full information on the service receiver, indicating the need and amount of assistance, the service providers, specifying requirements, evaluation of their work and their contracts, information about social workers, specifying the work experience and qualifications and costs of a social service organization with the main results.

Unified information system of social services will be integrated with information systems that support the reference base, and also with the information systems of Central and local government bodies.

The concept of further modernization of the system of social services we plan to discuss at the first Kazakhstan Forum of social workers, which will be held on September 22 in Astana.

The purpose of the Forum is to summarize the experience in the field of social protection of the population and identify the key benchmarks of the industry, strengthening and recognition of the role and contribution of social workers in modern society.

The Forum will gather around 600 participants, including international experts from the UK, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Russia, Georgia and other countries. The event will be attended by the representatives of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central and local Executive bodies, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.

It is planned to discuss experience and prospects of development of social work in a prison, healthcare service, new mechanisms and capabilities of interagency and intersectoral cooperation in the implementation of social policies.

In the agenda of the first Forum of social workers included such topical issues as social management, training and raising the qualifications of social workers, increasing the participation of nonprofit organizations in the provision of special social services, support, volunteerism and charity.

The Forum will take place on the fifth anniversary of the Republican Exhibition "the Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan".

Currently, in all regions of Kazakhstan ended the competition for the selection of the best social projects. Winners of regional competitions of the 155 submitted applications were selected 20 projects that will be presented in the capital at the Republican exhibition.

The Exhibition will take the participation of non-governmental organizations, public associations, organizations of persons with disabilities, individuals, and other institutions and agencies, whose activities are aimed at development of the system of social protection of the population and improve SSC.

The purpose of this event is to attract attention of civil society to the problems of persons in difficult life situations.

Overall for 5 years old to participate in the competition for the title of "Best social project" submitted 650 requests, of which 114 social projects were winners in the regions.

During this period, the contestants received support in the form of state social order, grants and borrowed funds. As a result, more than three hundred thousand people in the regions who found themselves in difficult situations, received timely assistance.

"We believe this is a great achievement, and we therefore urge the people of Kazakhstan to participate in voting for the best social project on the website of the Ministry of labor and social protection", - concluded the representatives of the MLSPP RK his speech.

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