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The Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan introduced the Concept of migration policy

the Concept of migration policy

Today during the Government meeting, Minister of labor and social protection of population of RK Tamara Duissenova presented the draft Concept of migration policy. The proposed project Concept prepared taking into account the current situation and trends of the world economy and long-term prospects.

According to Tamara Duissenova: "Since the beginning of this year the Government defined regions of the disposal, the regions receive and benefits package to support IDP. The resettlement is voluntary and occurs only when there are vacancies from employers and employment guarantees.

 For data management processes, we define long-term "economic growth points" and the associated demand for labor. For example, agglomerations (Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Aktobe), and large cities , regional centres of economic growth where large projects are being implemented by country or regional significance, border areas, which is important from the point of view of security and territorial integrity of the country. We plan to differentiate the internal migration flows on the basis of the demand of employers with the use of incentive quota resettlement. While this will continue to stimulate migration from labor-surplus regions by maintaining subsidies to IDP for relocation for each family member. We plan in the future to provide grants to the family to pay rental for 12 months. In this case, possibility of repayment of housing on the secondary market, with the consent of the immigrant, the annual amount of subsidies for rental housing may be paid in a lump sum or (as an alternative measure) is proposed to provide these subsidies to the employers subject to their acceptance for permanent work of at least five workers for three years with the decision of questions of arrangement".

In addition, the plans of the Ministry, the IDP will be provided land for doing gardening, commercial purposes (except for regional centers) and agricultural land for the right to gratuitous use, with the definition of the areas, it is possible to separate them without competition.

Implementation of these measures should improve territorial mobility of labor resources and the sustainable resettlement of citizens in accordance with the needs of the economy.

Considerable attention in the Concept is paid to the interests of Kazakhstan in the formation of the strategy of external migration: implemented a simplified procedure for obtaining work permits for highly qualified specialists, raising the level of knowledge of Kazakh personnel.

This year, the Ministry of labor has tightened the requirements for foreign employers to respect equal pay for equal work and the proportion of local and foreign experts. At the initiative of the Ministry of labor introduced fees in place of the various special conditions imposed by local Executive bodies when issuing permits.

Since the beginning of the year, the local Executive authorities issued more than 19 thousand paid permits in excess of 6.5 billion tenge, which can be aimed at training of national staff.

 In addition, introduced a system of quotas that take into account long-term needs of national economy. For the first time established restrictive quotas for migrant workers working for individuals.

According to Tamara Duissenova: "strategy of development of migration policy based on the experience of OECD countries, which is predominantly used long-term or hybrid migration. This allows you to attract qualified specialists for the innovative economy and to develop the entrepreneurial spirit. Such a policy creates the necessary for a market economy "safety cushion". However, any issues raised in the Concept will be considered, taking into account national security and avoid certain risks.

In the draft plan we presented the plan of realization of instructions of the President announced at the fifth world Kurultai of Kazakhs.

To strengthen the contacts with the ethnic Kazakhs living abroad, it is planned to attract the world Association of Kazakhs. There will be a separate electronic database for targeted work to attract highly qualified specialists from among ethnic Kazakhs from around the world".

In addition, the Ministry of labor proposed to reformat the centers for adaptation and integration of repatriates. These centres will act according to the principle of "one window", as with the repatriates and internal migrants.

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