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Kazakhstan heads the International Association of pension and social funds (IAPSF)


Today in Astana at the Congress EXPO centre international social security Association (ISSA), which brings together more than 150 countries, together with the Ministry of labor organized a national seminar on the theme: "Social security contributions - the provision of adequate social benefits-employed".

The Secretary-General of the International Association of social security Hans-Horst Konkolewsky in his speech congratulated Kazakhstan on its chairmanship of the International Association of pension and social funds:

"This year Kazakhstan is deservedly headed IAPSF – affiliate organization that unites the social security funds of the CIS countries.

 Particularly pleased that the leadership of the Ministry of labor and social protection of Kazakhstan tries to take into account the experience of other countries in developing strategies for the development of the social system. It is a progressive and modern approach, which should be supported, because social security is the most complex mechanism, requiring flexibility in modern conditions. A clear understanding of population need risk change the perception of people and leads to greater accountability. As far as I know, Kazakhstan is now actively promoting the issue of modernization of all spheres, including the public consciousness. It is right, given the challenges of the 21st century.

In my opinion, Kazakhstan has a very high chances of building an effective social protection system, based on the fact that we introduced at the Ministry."

In the Seminar took part experts of the countries-members of ISSA and IAPSF, representatives of Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state revenues Committee of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan, JSC "Single accumulative pension Fund" NAO "Fund for social healthcare insurance", local Executive bodies, Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, National chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken", the leading experts of the concerned government agencies of EurAsEC countries.

Vice-Minister of labor and social protection Svetlana Zhakupova told about the achievements of Kazakhstan:

"In the third modernisation is to deepen reform of the social sphere. We completed the establishment of multi-pillar pension system, has built a sustainable social insurance system. To strengthen the system of social security in 2018 Kazakhstan will introduce targeted social assistance to the new format, and further reform plans spelled out in the Concept of modernization of the system of social services that we're presenting tomorrow at the Forum social workers.

Today in the Workshop we consider the development of social insurance system taking into account the safety of working conditions, demographic and other factors. Our main goal is the formation of such model of social insurance, where social security of the population will adequately make up for the lost income."

In the framework of the seminar were discussed the issues of improving the social security system with the principles of insurance and social justice, implementation of new approaches to the expansion of coverage of the mandatory social insurance and the factors of interaction of bodies of state revenues with organizations of mandatory social and medical insurance and pension provision concerning payment of social security contributions, insurance contributions and mandatory pension contributions. The results of this workshop will be the basis for several documents concerning the work of the Ministry of labor in the coming years.

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