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More than 5 billion tenge were allocated in 2017 for social support for elderly citizens


On 1 October the world celebrates the Day of older persons. The main goal of the festival is to attract public attention to the problems of the elderly.

In Kazakhstan, about ensuring a decent retirement for each citizen made in one of the key priorities of the state, and is one of the main tasks of social policy of the Government.

A key component of the state policy in the field of social protection is pensions. Legislated annual indexation of pension payments to inflation ahead by 2%. In addition, in 2017, 1 July, pursuant to orders of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev pension payments old-age and retirement benefits for years of service, the size of the state base pension payment was increased to ensure their growth to 20% compared with the year 2016.

In addition to the annual increase in pension payments, in order to prevent poverty of pensioners and to stimulate economic activity of citizens since July 1, 2018 to change the order of assignment of the basic pension, which will be appointed depending on the seniority and experience of participation in the pension system. That is, pensions will be more of those who worked more and provided contributions to the pension system.

In addition, from 1 January 2018 as a result of the revision of the structure of the subsistence minimum, its value is compared with the 2017 year will increase by 16%, which consequently would entail increasing the size of basic pensions, social allowances for disabled people, families, survivors, targeted social assistance and benefits who are raising children with disabilities, to about 3 million people.

Overall, during the current year taking into account the possibilities of local budgets in the framework of the social responsibility of business is allocated more than 5 billion tenge: to receive a lump sum of 2,3 billion tenge (160,2 thousand people); the provision of concessionary travel on public transport – 854,1 million tenge (120 thousand people); preferential provision of medicines – 124.8 million tenge (19,2 thousand people); the dentures of 107 million tenge (1.6 thousand people); the provision of sanatorium-resort treatment – 1 billion tenge (15,1 thousand persons). housing repairs – 14.6 million tenge (171 persons). provision of fuel – 119.6 million tenge (5.2 thousand persons); other types of assistance – 394,8 million tenge (42.2 thousand persons).

Currently, at the expense of the local budget for elderly persons and persons with disabilities are provided with special social services. Today, there are 110 stationary homes, 53 day care centers, which reached more than 3,5 thousand persons of advanced age. The Department of social help at home service today about 44 thousand elderly persons and persons with disabilities.

In addition, the conditions for rehabilitation of older people in day hospitals and hospitals at home, including singles and non-transportable.

Today, Kazakhstan is home to over 2.1 million old age pensioners.

International day of older persons - 1 October, was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly 14 December 1990.

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